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Old 19.02.2018, 08:07 PM
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Default Rule changes for next season?

Anyone foresee any major rule changes? I,m guessing the "catch" rule is looked at yet again! ALSO helmet to helmet hits? in these days of player safety, is it a good rule? just thinking of the Church hit on Gronk, which was clearly deliberate, and knocked the TE out of the 2nd half, Church got Unsportsmanlike1 and a 25 grand fine, but looked like it was worth it! despite the "remorse"
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Old 19.02.2018, 08:37 PM
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Player safety will dictate changes, making it harder to play defence without giving away penalties. In 10 years time I’d expect the scores to be like basketball, last team with the ball wins.
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Old 24.02.2018, 10:39 AM
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Tackling to be banned, in fact defenses are going to be allowed to take three steps only, then they must stand up, raise their hands and not interfere as QBs continue to break records and then claim to be the best ever.
WRs are going to be allowed to wear clown gloves, covered in glue.
Running backs can only be touched once they have gone ten yards down field.
OL can hold on every play without fear of being called for a penalty (this will be known as the Foxboro rule).
The official standings will be disbanded, and will transfer to a group of middle aged drunken men playing fantasy football each year. A group from Chicago has already been establised for this season so there is hope the Bears will be in contention past October for the first team since time began.
Due to equality reasons, men will be joining the cheerleader groups, and will wear the same outifts, again, equality eh.
Ad breaks will be limited to 5 per quarter, however, each quarter is now being split into 4 four more quarters, allowing for more adverts and more money for the owners.
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Old 24.02.2018, 10:47 AM
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No, I dont think we will see anything major, unless they do something on the catch rule. I think they will wait and just "borrow" the XFL's ideas in a couple of years so I expect this year to be a stable one.
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Old 24.02.2018, 10:52 AM
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Aside from player safety and the catch rule, think there will still be focus on attempting to speed the game up. It was looked at last year and viewing figures remain in general decline (although relative as it still tops ratings by a distance)
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Old 27.02.2018, 09:08 PM
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I would be in favour of this.
There were a couple of games at the back end of last season (maybe post-season) where the losing teams qb would just throw deep, in stark contrast to their usual game plan, culminating in around 50+ penalty yards and ultimately points.
Before people say "well the DBs were clearly being hands on and thus rule breaking", it was clear from the 1st couple of quarters that the officials were calling a fair number of illegal contact fouls on the DBs but the qb and WRs had no answer. They also had a couple of pi calls on some curl routes for shortish penalty yardage.
Clearly a coach spotted the officials were flag happy and that the qb and WRs couldnt beat the aggressive defence and thus instructed the team to go deep and gain the yardage that way.
Both teams are allowed to carry out their game plan as they see fit and many fans will say the defence shouldve become less aggressive once the flags started to fly on the shorter yardage calls and let the offence try and beat them.
However, the mordern rule structure (albeit some are for players safety) penalises the defensive side of the ball so much compared to the offensive side. How often do you see a WR or TE get hands on with a DB before the ball arrives and not get flagged, when if it was the other way round the laundry would almost be in the air as soon as the ball left the QBs hand. Id hazard a guess that DPI vs OPI called is around 4:1
It comes down to % and jeopardy. The offence basically has vastly improved odds of gaining yardage by going deep with realitive accurate throw 1. wide out catches it - yardage + first down 2. Defensive pass interference yardage + first down 3. Pass is broken up/off target - loss of down 4. Offensive PI - loss of yardage. The risk vs reward is by far in offences favour.

Im not a fan of inaccurate throws or WRs unable to break coverage on deep balls being rewarded so heavily just because the team decided to chuck it due being behind and the clock running out.
It doesnt teach/encourage defenders to defend properly, it just creates more "big plays".
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Old 27.02.2018, 09:16 PM
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Yeah, I'm all for it tbh. Very unusual in this day and age for the NFL to bring in a rule change that doesn't favour the Offense...
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Old 27.02.2018, 11:57 PM
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the possible change to PI would be good and bad, yes it stops those chuck and hopes but also it allows the D to stop a possible big gain with a cheap play.
i think it should be refined and reviews on the actual chances of it being caught, rather than everything been 15 yards now.

ah the fun of messing with the catch rule, what about when the ball is caught in the endzone will that be sorted or just a change to going to the ground.
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Old 28.02.2018, 07:52 AM
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Can't hurt giving the PI rule a go. Like others I hated the 'chuck it and hope for a flag' style of play that develped last season (and the regularity of flags that accompanied it).

Don't quite get the potential changes to hiring coaches still in the play offs. It's a distraction to the play off teams. In fact, they should just make all coaching hires take place post SB, then everyone has more of a level playing field.

The Catch 'rule'? Whatever, I have no faith they will fix that.
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Old 28.02.2018, 08:13 AM
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I like this DPI rule change - I don't think you'll see many defences changing the way they play tbf, 15 yards and an automatic first down is still a lot to give up (especially when you consider if you make a DPI 50 yards downfield, I'd guess over half of those throws just fall incomplete anyways, so wouldn't actually be a gain). Agree with all comments it will stop these nonsense fouls where a QB massively underthrows a deep ball and a WR comes back to get it and gets DPI cos the DB has nowhere to go. An actual good rule change!

Don't mind the coaching playoff thing - everyone knows who is/isn't hired already, just make it official seems common sense. If you did make it all post playoffs you'd still get teams making deals whilst the playoffs were happening i think
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