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Old 13.09.2017, 10:37 AM
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Yeah I'd like to say 12-4 but we will probably drop a game to some awful team as per usual and end up costing ourselves a bye in the playoffs. 11-5.
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Old 09.09.2018, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by redcar_steeler View Post
Starting with a bit of a brag,I managed to nail it the previous 2 years but would be extra sweet if I'm on the money this year as I am going for us to win it all after going 13-3 in regular season.
Every season I struggle mightily to get a handle on where the Steelers are at from week to week but somehow I managed to predict our record for the 3 season in a row.

This season I am probably a little down on this team compared with the general consensus mainly due to the way the defence was looking toward the end of last season.Even the early season numbers were flattering due to some well-timed match-ups against back-up QB's.

Not sure if there will be enough of an impact provided by the additions in the draft and FA,maybe Washington can come in a be a more reliable option than Bryant.Also think that the health of Vance McDonald is key as he adds another dimension at the position.

The team has threw some resources at the safety position at it seems they are keen to have the players who allow the use of more 3 safety packages.

James Connor looks a different player,more explosive,and he needs to be.I still expect the team to really heavily on rotation at the position.

After debating between 9 and 10 win season,what looks to be relatively soft competition within the division means I'm going for a division clinching 10-6 with a loss in the wild-card round.
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