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Old 13.03.2019, 11:47 AM
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Default Odell Beckham Jr Trade

First to clarify that no reported trade can be official yet under NFL rules.

Having said that, Beckham going to the Browns I really don't see as the big deal people are making this out to be. Granted he had 3 great seasons from 2014-2016, but really there hasn't been a lot to shout about since then. He's missed half the games over the past two seasons through injury, but when he has played his production has been down on what it was in his first three years.

His performance this season is arguably not worth the $95million 5 year contract he was given before this past season started. Basically the Giants are paying him over $18,000 per receiving yard or over $3,000,000 per touchdown! His temperament on the sidelines when things are not going well could politely be described as "suspect". I can quite understand why they would want to move on from him.
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Old 13.03.2019, 12:01 PM
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This is already being discussed in the Season thread.
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