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Old 08.04.2016, 09:26 AM
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Default Pre-season: Any not obvious predictions?

Well, if we get through the pre-season, we should go all the way!

Apart from going into a Dad's Army / Private Frazier moment (for those of a certain generation), any one want to give their forecast other than 'we lose all of them'?

My prediction: Win (yes, really..), loss (no surprise...), win (yep, bouncing back off the loss) and loss (Cutler and others get a rest, Browns surprise).

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Old 15.04.2016, 09:57 AM
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Not so concerned if we do have a 'we're doomed' pre-season

Anyone care to make a prediction here and now (pre draft) for the regular season

I'm going 9-7 and creeping into the play-offs

2017 - Super Bowl Winners
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Old 21.04.2016, 09:14 AM
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It's pre season. Getting through it without any major injuries will mean that it's a success.

I feel we are in for a good season this year. Wildcard spots in our grasp.
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Old 31.05.2016, 10:53 AM
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Im sure it ill be there season
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Old 18.06.2016, 11:19 PM
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Defence will keep us in games, but offense struggles badly without Forte. We overly rely on Cutler who sets a franchise record for turnovers in a season. 8-8, and we finally cut Cutler in the offseason.
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Old 31.07.2016, 08:40 PM
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I genuinely believe we will be a lot closer to the playoffs this year and could well get in the playoffs. I think that last game in Minnesota could be a huge game in the season, maybe decide which one of those teams goes to the playoffs. I think we could win as many as 10 games next year. Last year we won 6 games, but I look at 6 of our losses and see that we only lost by small margins, less than a touchdown in a lot of those games. Yes, a few games we got blown out in like Seattle away, Arizona at home and Minnesota away, but for a lot of those games, the Bears performed a lot better than I was expecting them to. They looked a lot better than the team Trestman had the year before, even if they only managed 1 more W.

The thing I'm looking for most is for us to improve our division record. 1 win in the division last year was poor. We have struggled to win in the division the last few years really. That needs to change in 2016. I hope we can sweep Detroit this year and take at least 1 win off of Green Bay and Minnesota. To have any chance we need to get more wins in the division.

Personally I think we'll get off to a good start and gather momentum from there. I like the way this team is headed and the arrow is definitely pointing up for the Bears. The defense has some exciting additions, so hopefully they will be a lot tougher this year, teams need to be scared of the Bears defense again. That's what Chicago Bears football is all about.

Offensively it will be very tough to replace Forte. Langford performed well when we saw him last year and a lot of people believe that Jordan Howard was an absolute steal in the 5th round. A healthy Kevin White will make a big difference this year as well. To have him back, it's almost like having two first round picks this year as he didn't play at all last season. Him and Alshon stay healthy and the Bears have two genuine aerial threats for Cutler to throw to.

I'm optimistic heading into 2016 and think Fox and Pace will step this rebuild up a gear this year. We'll be closer than people think to the playoffs and I think there's a genuine reason to be optimistic. As for the writers, I'm glad they think the Packers and Vikings will be too strong for us. There's no denying they're two strong teams, but the Bears are closer than people think. Obviously things can happen throughout the season such as injuries to key players, but if the key guys stay healthy, I can see us winning 10 games and potentially making the playoffs.
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Old 07.09.2016, 09:40 AM
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Our starters are certainly caperable of making the wildcard berths what concerns me is our depth.

I think too much is placed on the we will miss Forte qiotr .Great man,great player but he is on the decline and this new running scheme is more to Langfords taste. If we have an O lineman go down we are up the creek with no paddle.

TE is a huge concern if miller goes down we have no quality depth

On the defencd our front 7 Is pure nasty and can only get nastier once big P returns from the PUP. We will see more plays from our saftys this year as amos and HJQ will be massively improved. What concerns me Is our lack of quality CB'S if we have more then one of them go down (Fuller,Porter ,Callahan) then we are in trouble as behind them we have raw raw potential but no starter ready CB'd McManis anyone lol
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