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Old 02.07.2019, 05:38 PM
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Default 2019 And Beyond

Decided to try and increase the NFL talk in the forum, the lack of which is completely understandable given the situation the place is in. Also difficult to discuss latest news as it's perhaps the quietest time in the calendar year for the league.

Would like to hear anything on the NFL for 2019 and beyond. Any thoughts on your team, another team or all 32 teams... Any specific players or coaches you're going to be keeping an eye on... Any players you believe are ready to break out or teams you have a feeling are primed to make a Super Bowl run during the next few seasons... Any rookies you think will make an impact (and anyone still in college you think will in the future)... Any other predictions?

Whatever gets some discussion on the sport going for the last few weeks of the forum (What the place was created for after all!)
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Old 02.07.2019, 05:54 PM
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I would like the NFL to see the damage NFLUK is doing to the sport in this country before its too late, and clean house.
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Old 02.07.2019, 07:35 PM
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yeah we are going to miss all the 100th anniversary stuff with the all-century type discussions and by reports a 20 man HOF class with maybe 10 extra players getting in via the veterans committee.

on the field offence will be king again with the great mix of young athletic QB's putting up crazy numbers and then the old timers who are still hoping for 1 last superbowl,the Saints surely cant have a 3rd post-season with a crazy heart breaking finish.

the new PI review rule will be picked to pieces early on but hopefully by mid-season it starts to become just another part of the game.

as a Patriot fan opening night with another banner will be great but no Gronk in 2019 and beyond will be a sad loss.

also looks like Sky have lost or just moved on from showing profootballtalk which would have been nice for the whole pre-season and beyond.
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Old 02.07.2019, 07:40 PM
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It looks very likely there will be a special 20 member class for the Hall of Fame in 2020 to commemorate the NFL’s 100th anniversary.

5 modern era (as before)
10 Seniors
3 Contributors
2 Coaches

The HOF usually has a maximum of 8 inducted each year with five from the modern era (retired within the last 25 years) and a 2-1 rotation between Seniors and Contributors.
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Old 02.07.2019, 09:22 PM
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In terms of teams, i'm intrigued by 2. Dallas (obviously) and Detroit.

Lots of money to be spent on retaining their own in Dallas. Mr .500 Jason Garrett in the final year of his contract. Kris Richard a seemingly sort after coach. Depending on how things go it could be a HUGE fork in the road.

Paying Dak is the biggie though. Even if it's structured in a way that has an 'out' after 3 years or so, it's still going to decide the immediate future of the franchise. Intangibles seem to be there, physical size and toughness are hard to question. As an actual passer though? I'm not convinced, not to the tune of a $30m+/year. The reality is though that if you have an above average QB in need of a contract it's going to reset the market in one way or another.

The Cowboys have gone all in really. All in investing in their O line over several years. All in on drafting a RB at #4. All in on trading (and inevitably paying) for a new #1 WR. All in on Tank Lawrence coming off shoulder surgery. If it doesn't pay off they won't be hitting the reset button, but it'll mean the journey over the last 8 years or so has come to naught.


I don't know why but I have a strange belief that the Lions might actually amount to something this year.

I've always like Stafford, but now they have some talented young players around him. Kerryon Johnson, Golladay, Hockenson, Decker, Ragnow. They have a nucleus there.

On Defence they have the beginnings of a D Line. Flowers, Hand, Harrison, Robinson. They've invested in that. Not totally convinced by their LB/Secondary, but as a whole there is at least something there to give them hope.

Obviously they're in a tough division. Even if the talent has improved it might not be enough to carry them to the play-offs, but i'm intrigued by them nonetheless.
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Old 02.07.2019, 10:07 PM
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To be honest, I’m not at all convinced by Patricia. Iirc, there were rumblings of discontent behind the scenes fairly early on in 2018, also think they have holes on the interior OL and in the secondary.

As for the Jets, while we have made some encouraging moves in the offseason, we also have similar weaknesses to the Lions, and edge rush will again be a weakness unless Jachai Polite hits the ground running. The schedule isn’t the strongest, but I’m expecting between 6-8 wins.

Despite losing Gronk to retirement, I think the Patriots will again be the class of the AFC, with the Saints my pick to face (and hopefully beat) them in the Super Bowl.
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Old 03.07.2019, 06:21 AM
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We’re going to miss the Raiders drafting Trevor Lawrence in 2021 and dominating the NFL for the next 20 years.

We’re also going to miss Tom Brady retiring when he’s 50.

But at least we’ll have the NFLUK Facebook page to debate when the Jaguars will be moving to Tottenham.
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