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Old 12.04.2010, 09:36 AM
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Default Smoketonio for a 5th Round

What a joke, why would we let him go so cheaply he was one of best 1st Rounders and an MVP!!! I am livid!
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Old 12.04.2010, 12:32 PM
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They must be really down on him to let him leave for this cheap!

In all honesty, he wouldn't have been getting a new contract from us, and they must be putting a lot of faith in Wallace to take-over his spot.

No wonder we got Randel El and Battle it's beginning to make sense now.

I am shocked, but I'm sure we would have exhausted a few avenues before settling for the Jets offer, time left till the draft too,. . . . might have been best leaving it till draft day?

Potentially in Wallace we have a very similar player to Holmes, but quicker, cheaper and a lot less trouble n strife.
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Old 12.04.2010, 01:58 PM
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Agree on Wallace, however I cant see how they can justify a 1st round pick MVP for a #5 rounder! I know theres the issues etc. but this is a joke!! Sweed should be cut he can't catch the ball, I think its all about seeing if Battle or Randle-el can step up into that #3 WR position, even with a year left and missing a few games (remember Marshall was due to miss 4 games as well last year but didn't!) I would have rather not got another 5th round pick and keep him another season.

Strange that Smoke wanted it as well seeing as he was a Steeler fan before he got drafted!
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Old 12.04.2010, 03:17 PM
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Apparently the steelers were that pissed with him they were going to cut him.

Also PFT is reporting that Leon Washington might be part of the deal - if this is true then it doesnt make the trade look that bad. But a 5th rounder on its own is a steal for the jets
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Old 16.04.2010, 07:03 PM
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They were lucky to get something for Santonio, the man got a 4-game suspension and the with the off-the-field issues he's had lately the Steelers didn't have much leverage in any kind of trade. Rumours were going he was even going to get cut.

I think we need to be happy with what we got for him. Obviously we will get a better deal if we want to trade Ben...

I'm not happy with the off-season the Steelers are having with all the negative media-attention (Reed, Holmes & Ben). Rooney's & Tomlin need to step in and hit them where it hurts: in the wallet.
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Old 16.07.2010, 05:01 PM
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Jets are going to be big with Holmes and Tomlinson for them. I can see them gouing far taken down the Saints even possibly.
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