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Old 19.09.2012, 09:13 PM
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Bad play calling, too easy to pick up. Run run throw, run run throw. I would like to have seen, throw, throw, throw. Throw throw run ( especially on 3rd and long, when the throw is expected. The passing game is/was our strength, yes there is a need for the run, but play to OUR strengths.
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Old 19.09.2012, 10:55 PM
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I think the game plan was a good one (I almost predicted it in my Preview ) as the 49ers set out to take CJ out of the game. In doing so they offered the chance for exploitation on the ground, as identified by the Lions & confirmed in his post game comments, it was unfortunate that we didn't really open up good enough holes for our RB's and what space we did create for them they didn't always take advantage of (running outside when space on inside). Similarly the secondary receivers either failed to break free of single coverage or Staff didn't look their way as he tended to over focus on CJ. It was interesting that the commentators were advising that the Lions line CJ up on the inside rather than the outside to make it harder for the 9ers to cover him. After finally doing this and getting some success it was surprising that they then went back to lining him up on the outside I also thought that we shot ourselves in the foot by running CJ across the field on short routes as he was attracting all the coverage. Sending CJ long should've created space for the TE's & Burleson underneath.

It is also the case that credit has to be given to the 9ers D. The D-Line was able to put enough pressure on Staff to ensure that he couldn't wait for his receivers to become free, the LB's not only prevented runners breaking into the Secondary but also were very good at getting hands in the passing lanes (something neither our D-Line or LB's appear very good at) and the 9ers DB's did a great job of covering our receivers.
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