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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post

Someone needs to put the brakes on this whole sorry mess. Someone (it's probably you Teresa) needs to stand up and say "sorry, we got it wrong; we thought leaving the EU would be easy but because of inconvenient things like international peace treaties and tariffs and boring stuff like 40+ years of red tape it's just not possible. Not in the way that'd actually matter anyway. I know, we said we would, we said it was a once in a generation decision and all that but we said that to get you to think about NOT doing it. We really gave losing no thought at all and didn't read any of the small print. We're really, really sorry. Anyway, it's not that bad anyway really, is it?"

and then i win the lottery, in fact theres more chance i win the lotto 3 times in a row than her or anyone with the ability to make a decision saying anything close to that.

the Tories created this mess and they seemed determined to do as much damage as they can.

any reasonable person can see that it would be the smart sensible call to just revoke.

as i have stated many times, MPs have no guts and hate sticking there necks out, so the only way out is the second vote but May has painted that notion in the same way a deluded nutter might.

pretty much its like we're on the Titanic but we can see and are aiming for the iceberg choosing to ignore the outcome of hitting it.
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