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Default X Seahawk Wants More Money

And it's going to ruin the team!

So Russell Wilson appears to have failed to agree a new deal. As as middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. Pro Bowlers Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor are threatening to boycott training camp because they want more money. It's all going to hell according to twitter.

In reality, this may well be Seattle's last chance at at title push for the near future. This team will want to be paid and they will go elsewhere to do so. However it has been a great team and is, if anything, possibly being underestimated going into the new year after it's shocking Superbowl lost and dreadful performance in the NFC Championship game.

The big question that can be answered about the Seahawks long term future this year is whether Wilson can take his upgraded receiving core - don't expect to see much Kearse and probably less Baldwin this year - and go on to have 4500 yards, and 30 touchdowns.

If he can then the Seahawks will be perennial contenders for the next decade. If he cannot the future is potentially much darker. Seattle will need to reload on talent and Pete Carroll is not a young man. The team will also have a great deal of money sunk into the franchises greatest QB who is still to prove if he is actually great or not.

It's going to be an fascinating training camp and will only get more interesting as the season progresses.
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