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Old 13.01.2019, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
“When the facts change, I change my mind, sir”. I have changed my mind on this now, from thinking it was a storm in a teacup that would blow over quickly to now thinking he will be traded. The Rooneys are not like Jerry Jones or certain other owners. They don’t talk much publicly. When they do, you listen. Brown has still not talked to the team and continues to talk via social media. Which isn’t making things better. To paraphrase an article on Steelers depot, he either doesn’t get it, or he gets it very well indeed. As it is just pushing him closer to the trade door. At this point I think the team has had enough of his drama, despite that being a high threshold for someone this good, but there is no doubt some other team will be willing to part with good draft picks to get him. I don’t think the dead money cap hit is even a factor at this stage, though the cash savings might be.
Brown "sadly" knows that there are desperate teams out there who will not just give up a decent draft pick or 2(reports Denver are already hinting at a 2nd rounder) but will also try to make him happy with some new money after any trade.

the cap hit can will maybe harm the Steelers in free agency(they have the $16m they saved from Bell which can off-set some of the pain) but the way they draft WR think they can survive without Brown and maybe get another 2+ years out of Ben.
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