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Thumbs up Dissertation Survey questions


I am a 3rd year student at Staffs Uni who is looking for some questions to be answered by some real NFL fans. The questionnaire is only 8 questions long and will help answer my dissertation question...

"Would an NFL Uk franchise be a success?"

Follow the link to take part.

Feel free to share this link with anyone you think would like to get involved!



A very grateful and yet wounded 49ers fan.
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Old 13.02.2017, 11:35 PM
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I've answered your survey but you're likely to get the same answers to at least half of these questions from every person who uses this website I would think, so I'm not sure how helpful it will be.

My personal view is a London franchise might only matter long-term for those who are in the habit of regularly going to games. If you watch your games on the screen - and of course the experience gets better and better with HD, Ultra HD, bigger screens, fibre optic broadband, chrome cast and Apple TV etc - then you can follow your team from the UK when they are in America. They don't need to be based in the UK. I can watch every single Pittsburgh Steelers game live on TV (legally) via Sky or Gamepass streamed to my TV via Chromecast. Premier League fans can't even get that!

The difference might be when it comes to actually going to live games: I am either a minority or I'm ahead of the curve on this, but I am now bored of going to live games in the UK between 2 teams neither of which are my team. For a while I did all 3 games. Last year I dropped down to two games; this year one. Going to games is no longer a novelty for me, I've been to about 25 here and in America. I don't want to watch 2 random teams play, I want to see my team play and I'd rather watch them on TV than see a game live at a stadium a few miles down the road that I wouldn't watch if it were on TV. In 2007 I was glad to have a game in the UK I could see. In 2017 I'm passed that stage. And just as Premier League fans won't go to watch 2 random teams play, so might the same start happening here with NFL fans once more become seasoned veterans and the novelty of "wow, a game in the UK" wears off, particularly with the TV product offering great NFL alternatives.

This is where I think the franchise might become necessary in the long term: creating fans of a team who plays in London 8 times a year, who have more incentive to show up to a game with their team than I have to show up to a game of the LA Rams. In the short-to-medium term, the NFL will have no problem replacing people like me who scale down with new fans who are where I was 10 years. But at some point they too will tire of neutral games, particularly if those games are underwhelming on paper.

As for local players: couldn't care less. I'm sure Packers fans couldn't care less that none of their lot are from Wisconsin either.
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