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Old 15.10.2010, 09:28 PM
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We need to run a whole lot more. If we run down the clock and keep chipping away with a surprisingly decent kicking game (not helped by the penalties) our defence can keep us in this. I think Palmer is still our guy and has shown at time that he can get it done. I think the best thing going for him is his ability to read defences. If we go back to last year's mentality, when it comes down to us having to pass then hopefully our weapons can shine when it matters.
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Old 16.10.2010, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ErenMus View Post
wow, it seems like there is such hatred for Carson Palmer when we all know if we could pick a QB to trade him with there isn't ANYONE better than him
Virtually every NFL analyst I've seen/heard seems to think Palmer is declining, and declining fast.

Whatever your opinion, the Bengals must do one of 3 things:

Pay to win now (trade like the Vikings have done);
Plan a proper succession to Palmer (draft Elite QB, and very soon);
Live with what we've got.

IMO the third option is the option the organisation would go for every time. We never trade for any reason, and we aren't expecting a guarenteed high draft pick any time soon, so we've got little choice.

But as I said in my post really early in the thread, we need to sort out the playcalling and get back to running a run-first offence, with proper play-action/screens etc. Our O-Line is still a bunch a maulers, Carson isn't relaxed at all behind them when passing, so why go away from those strengths??

Last time I looked, that was exactly how we won the Division last time. Quite why we decided to go away from it so suddenly is just befuddling. For that I blame the coaches.
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