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Old 10.11.2014, 05:45 PM
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Question The Bye week - Past, Present & Future.

A little time for reflection with the team heading into the 'bye' week.

7 - 3? Could we ask for anymore than that?

Before the season started? Not a chance. This team was heading for a sub .500 record, never mind maintaining the status quo of 8 - 8, the Cowboys were going to take a step back for certain. The defence was doomed, as was Romo's back.

At 4 - 1 with a road trip to Seattle next? Nope. To get 2 road wins, then beat the Saints and Texans at home was a great little run, but surely reality was about to hit home against the reigning champs? We were about to find out that our high powered offence would be stopped in it's tracks by a very good Seahawks D and the 12th.

Sat at 6 - 1 with 2 home games and a trip to London before the bye?.......Yes, I'm going to say we could of expected to be better than 7 - 3, especially given how those games unfolded. The 'skins loss was the biggest disappointment of the season so far, and even though the Cards are a good team, an 8 - 1 team, we left points on the field and made some poor play calls.

So we sit at 7 - 3 with the Eagles and Colts still due to visit AT&T, and road trips to the Giants, Bears, Eagles and 'skins. The Eagles have Mark Sanchez at QB, the Bears just got embarrassed by the Packers, and the Giants and 'skins sit at 3 - 6. Before the season I was less than hopeful of getting anything more than 2 wins from this run in. Now though? 3 - 3, to finish at 10 - 6, I don't think that's asking too much, with a healthy Romo obviously.

Will 10 - 6 see us into the play-offs? I get the feeling it won't. The Eagles, Packers, Cardinals and Saints could be the division winners. That leaves the Lions, Seahawks and Cowboys battling for the wildcards. Both the Lions and Seahawks have better conference records than the Cowboys, although we do hold the head to head win over Seattle. If the Seahawks win the West? Then we're in bigger trouble having lost to Arizona, who also have a 6 - 0 conference record.

Basically, it could be 11 - 5 or bust. So, buckle up, this ride might get a little bumpy................
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Old 11.11.2014, 04:09 PM
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I really think we're good enough to win 4 of the last 6 games. I would be shocked if the Redskins swept us and we will hold our own against the Giants. The Bears have been surprisingly bad so that leaves the Colts and 2 games against the Eagles. The Colts will be tricky with Luck throwing TD's for fun, as for the Eagles they now have Mark Sanchez in place of Foles. Can he keep the Eagles on track or will they falter near the end? Should make for an intriguing but ultimately nail-biting run-in as we near the play-offs.

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Old 14.11.2014, 02:33 PM
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The way I see it... sweep the Eagles and we're in good shape!
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