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Old 30.09.2011, 11:48 AM
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Smile Hi there Cowboys fans

Hi I'm relatively new to NFLUK forums and just wanted to say hi to all the 'Boys fans on here.

I have been a fan of the Cowboys since they first started showing the NFL on channel 4 (yes I am that old).

I wanted to say that I really don't get the level of hate that Romo seems to attract from Cowboy fans.

I mean lets look at the QBs we've had since Aikman (hallowed by thy name).

Quincy Carter
Chad Hutchinson
Quincy Carter (AGAIN)
Vinny Testaverde
Drew Bledsoe
Tony Romo

Romo is in my opinion the best thing to happen to Dallas in years.
Is he infuriating occasionally? Yes, but he plays with a fire and a passion that I just love to watch and he makes plays that are breathtaking. I know he's not perfect but few players are and I believe he is growing into a great quarterback.

I have seen many teams over the years as a Cowboy fan and I have to say that this current team although far from perfect is one of the most exciting I have ever watched, Garrett seems to have instilled the kind of work ethic that he had as a player in these guys and I am excited for the future with him as our head-coach.
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Old 30.09.2011, 12:11 PM
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dont forget drew henson.

this season he is showing more leadership than ever, i respect the guts he has showed in the last 2 games and has held the offense together

i started watching when quincy carter debuted so i know that romo is by far the best since troy.
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Old 01.10.2011, 09:03 AM
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I watched the whole of Superbowl 27 yesterday... What a QB Troy was (Hell...what a team that was!) One of the best nights of my life.

I've always supported Tony Romo, but after his week 1 performance I started to wonder for the first time was it time for a change? We've got to get behind him for the rest of the season though and give him a chance, don't forget that week one game was his first for a long time, and I don't think Kitna is the answer. Tony's performances since have showed real courage and leadership so hopefully he can prove he's the man....but this season maybe he is in the last chance saloon.

Welcome to the gang Witten82, I've followed the Cowboys since the early 80's too, so we can't be that old...can we???
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