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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
The worrying thing for me with the talk of Smith and the SAM is........when was the last time you heard/saw the importance of the SAM in this scheme? I mean it's been occupied by Kyle Wilbur and Damien Wilson for what seems like forever.

This scheme is about the WILL and the MIKE. So we spent a high 2nd round pick on a LB who it turns out plays your least important LB spot and sees the field less than 50% of the time?! That to me is a sign of concern. Either Smith isn't able to handle the playbook yet or he's physically still got some way to go.
Dont pretend to know the ins and outs of the scheme at Cowboys, but didnt Lee play at SAM?
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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
Dont pretend to know the ins and outs of the scheme at Cowboys, but didnt Lee play at SAM?
I don't think so. He's played the MIKE and the WILL. He played ILB in a 3-4 too, again I think those 2 spots are classed as MIKE and WILL too.

Tbh I always find the LB designation a little wierd/confusing. The SAM is meant to be the 'strongside' defender, so 99% of the time where the opposing TE lines up. When players go in motion though that obviously affects the linebacker. Sean Lee is pretty much always referred to as the WILL/MIKE by people who know more about football than me, BUT there must be times when he covers TE's. In fact I'm sure there are.

Marinelli's scheme is similar to a Tampa 2, with its own nuisances. Think of the great Tampa 2.....in Tampa. Derrick Brooks was your run/hit/chase tackling machine that the scheme was designed to funnel plays towards. Now they have Lavonte David in a similar mould. They are/were WILL's. Sean Lee is similar if not quite as athletic (he makes up for it with speed of thought though).

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