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Old 13.05.2012, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by kingie16 View Post
guys... I'm getting stuck... looking to go the Bears game in week 2 but i can't seem to find flights that are fairly cheap for Chicago to Green Bay? it keeps coming up with well over ?600 return! i never paid that last time! any ideas guys?

Are you talking about flights between Chicago & Green Bay or from UK to Chicago??

On got flights between cities at $506

If coming in from London - go to Kayak and put in multi-city. Got flights in and out of Chicago (PLUS internal flight to Green Bay) for ?615 total

Taxes etc make up nearly a quarter of the price - so all flights seem expensive these days!

Hope this helps!

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Old 29.05.2012, 11:39 AM
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All booked, going to see us play the Saints in the end because the cost was too high to see games later in the season. Also got tickets to the Tigers Twins game on the Friday! Should be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lambeau here I come!
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