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Day -18: Penn State Nittany Lions

Location: State College, Pennsylvania

Nittany Lions: Nittany is the name of a nearby mountain (Mount Nittany), on which lions had once roamed. The term Nittany Lions was first associated with Penn State in 1904 after a senior on a trip to Princeton University was embarrassed by their lack of mascot, so he made up the Nittany Lion.

Introduction: Played their first season in 1887. By 1889 they were a Division I Independent. In 1993 they became the 11th member of the Big Ten, where they remain to this day.

Biggest achievement: Penn State claims two National Titles

1982, an 11-1 season under HoF coach Joe Paterno, they won the Sugar Bowl vs Georgia and finished #1 in the AP Poll. Their only defeat came to Alabama.

1986, 12-0, one of their 6 undefeated seasons (4 coming under Paterno) they won the Fiesta Bowl vs Miami (FL) and finished #1 in the AP Poll.

Biggest failure: Not reporting Jerry Sandusky.

Rivals: Pitt, located around 140 miles apart, the two meet every year from 1935-1992, they didn't meet again until a 4 game series in 1997-2000, and a further 4 game series starting in 2016 which will take them up to 100 meetings. Penn State leads 50–43–4.

Penn State also holds a number of rivalries with Big Ten schools, but being relatively new to the conference they have yet to face any Big Ten opponent more than 50 times. Interestingly their most faced Big Ten opponent is Maryland, who only joined the conference in 2014.

They also hold defunct rivalries with West Virginia and Syracuse who they have faced over 50 times (59 and 71), they last faced WVU in 1992, but do have a 2023 game scheduled.

Mascot: Nittany Lion, a person in a lion costume and a Penn State scarf.

Colours: Blue and White.

Traditions: Nittanyville, the tradition of camping out in front of the stadium in the week leading up to home games in order to get the best seats.

"Success with Honor" .

Uniform, Penn State is known for their very simple uniform design, plane white shorts with either a plane blue (home) or white (road) jersey, along with a white helmet with blue stripe without logo. Until 2012 players did not have their names on the back of their jerseys, but first year HC Bill O'Brien permitted it as a thank you to the players who remained post NCAA sanctions.

"S-Zone", an area in the student section at one end zone where students are given either white or blue shirts to form the letter "S"

"Whiteouts" every person in the stadium (apart from the "S-Zone" wears a white t-shirt).

"We are Penn State", a copy of the "We are Marshall" chant, or in the words of The Rock, "You are...an asshole"

Head coach: James Franklin, former East Stroudsburg (Division II) QB. He started coaching at Kutztown (Division II) as a WR coach. He got his first coordinator job as OC for the Roskilde Kings of the Danish American Football Federation. In 2006 he became OC of Kansas State and in 2008 took the same role at Maryland. In 2011 he got his first HC job at Vanderbilt, in 2014 he left to take the same role at Penn State.

He has an all time record of 49-30, 25–15 at Penn State.

Penn State has 38 All Americans:

Bob Higgins, E, 1919, college football HoF.

Glenn Killinger, B, 1921, college football HoF.

Harry Wilson, B, 1923, college football HoF

Richie Lucas, B, 1959, college football HoF

Glenn Ressler, L, 1964, college football HoF

Ted Kwalick, E, 1968,one time first team All Pro, college football HoF

Dennis Onkotz, LB, 1968 and 1969, college football HoF

Jack Ham, LB, 1970, 6 time first team All Pro, 1975 NFL defensive player of the year, NFL 1970s All Decade, pro and college football HoF

Dave Joyner, OL, 1971, went on to become an orthopedic surgeon and served as the Athletic Director for Penn State.

John Cappelletti, RB, 1973, 1973 Heisman Trophy Winner, number retired by Penn State, college football HoF.

Keith Dorney, OL, 1978, college football HoF

Bruce Clark, DL, 1978 and 1979.

Shane Conlan, LB, 1986, college football HoF

Ki-Jana Carter, RB, 1994, #1 overall selection of the 1995 NFL Draft.

Jeff Hartings, OL, 1995, one time first team All Pro.

Courtney Brown, DL, 1999, #1 overall selection of the 2000 NFL Draft.

Larry Johnson, RB, 2002 one time first team All Pro.

Paul Posluszny, LB, 2005 and 2006.

Other players of note:

Lenny Moore, HB-FL, 5 time first team All Pro, 1950s NFL All Decade, number retired by the Indianapolis Colts, pro football HoF.

Mike Michalske, G-T-LB-BB, 5 time first team All Pro, 1920s NFL All Decade, pro football HoF.

NaVorro Bowman, LB, 4 time first team All Pro.

Steve Wisniewski, G, 2 time first team All Pro, 1990s NFL All Decade.

Mike Munchak, G, 2 time first team All Pro, 1980s NFL All Decade, number retired by Tennessee Titans, pro football HoF.

Stew Barber, 2 time first team All Pro.

Stadium: Beaver Stadium, opened 1959, 106,500 capacity (3rd largest in the world). The stadium was the first to have it's interior on Google Street View.

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Been reading since day 1, huge props to you for this.

I'm a bit of a stadium geek so really look forward to seeing where each team play.
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Love the PSU write up

I remember watching that episode with The Rock, being from the UK and knowing nothing about NFL/College ball at the age of 11/12 I had no idea what the references meant back then!
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Day -17: Virginia Tech Hokies

Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

Hokies: In 1896 Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (VAMC) changed their name to Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute (VPI). Their old “spirit yell” contained mention of VAMC so a new one was required, O. M. Stull won the competition to create a new one with:

Hoki, Hoki, Hoki, Hy.
Techs, Techs, VPI!
Sola-Rex, Sola-Rah.
Rae, Ri, V.P.I

Stull claimed to have made up the word Hoik as an attention grabber, however English historians claim it had in fact been in use since 1842, with a similar meaning to “hooray” or “yeah”.

Introduction: Started play in 1892, by 1902 they were a Division I Independent. In 1921 they joined the Southern Conference as a founding member, in 1965 they choose to leave the Southern conference to become an Independent. In 1991 they joined the Big East as a founding member and in 2004 left for the ACC.

Biggest achievement: In 1946 they went 3-4-3, however they were invited to their first ever bowl game, a Sun Bowl loss to Cincinnati.

In 1954 they went 8-0-1, they went 8-0-1, finishing 3rd in the Southern Conference and finishing ranked in the AP Poll for the first time (#16).

In 1986 they won their first bowl game following a 9-1-1 regular season, defeating North Carolina State in the Peach Bowl. A season good enough to finish #20, their 2nd ranked finish.

In 1999 they went 11-1, winning the Big East, as the #2 team in the country they received an invite to face #1 FSU in the Sugar Bowl/BCS National Championship game. They lost 46-29, but it was still good enough for their highest ever finish at #2 in the AP Poll.

Biggest failure:
1945-1952 was particularly bad, a 7 year period with 7 losing seasons and a 17-54-6 overall record, a period which saw them record their only two zero win seasons. But honestly celebrating a 0-0 tie with Wake Forest, only to go on to lose the game 6-3 in double OT must be more embarrassing.

Rivals: Virginia "Commonwealth cup". The two are located just under 150 miles apart. They first meet in 1895, they have meet every year since 1970. Despite only being in the same conference since 2004 they have meet a total of 98 times, with VT leading 56–37–5.

VT’s next two most played opponents are Virginia Military Institute and William & Mary, both of which now compete at the FCS level.

Their 4th most faced opponent is West Virginia, currently with 51 meetings, with whom they used to share the Big East. The two are located around 251 miles apart. They haven’t played since 2005, but are set to meet in 2017. The two compete for the black diamond trophy, which represent the Appalachian region’s rich coal mining history. WVU leads 28-22-1.

Mascot: HokieBird, a turkey(?) type costume in VT’s colours. The term gobblers comes from VT’s early history as a military college. As future military officers and gentlemen candidates weren’t allowed to look at their food whilst eating, to do so would lead to being branded a gobbler, and punishment. The football team were allowed extra food rations, but were provided with the same amount of time to eat, to do so they were permitted to gobble without punishment, but still earning the nickname.

Colours: Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange, choosen by committee, because they were a unique combination not used elsewhere (I wonder why?)

Traditions: Entering the stadium to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.

Before key plays and after first downs a turkey’s gobble is played over speaker. Some will argue it’s the most annoying sound in college football. I disagree, the “Seminole War Chant” is number one, but it’s a very clear number two.

Head coach: Justin Fuente, former Oklahoma and Murray State University (FCS) QB. He started coaching in 2001 as Illinois State (FCS) QB coach, in 2004 he was promoted to OC. In 2007 he left for the RB coach job at TCU, where he was promoted to co-OC in 2009. In 2012 he got his first HC job, at Memphis, where he coached 1st round draft pick Paxton Lynch. In 2016 he replaced the longest reigning HC in FBS Frank Beamer (1987-2015) who choose to retire.

He has an all time 36–27 record, 10-4 at VT.

Virginia Tech has 8 All Americans:

Frank Loria, DB, 1967

Bruce Smith, DL, 1984, #1 overall selection of the 1985 NFL draft, 8 time first team All Pro, 2 time NFL defensive player of the year, 1980s and 1990s NFL All Decade, number retired by the Buffalo Bills, currently holds the record for most career sacks, pro and college football HoF.

Jim Pyne, OL, 1993, number retired by VT.

Cornell Brown, DL, 1995.

Corey Moore, DL, 1999.

Kevin Jones, RB, 2003.

Jake Grove, OL, 2003, number retired by VT.

Jimmy Williams, DB, 2005

Other players of note:

Michael Vick, QB, #1 overall selection of the 2001 NFL draft.

Stadium: Lane Stadium/Worsham Field, opened 1965, 66,000 capacity.

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Originally Posted by packreb View Post
Been reading since day 1, huge props to you for this.

I'm a bit of a stadium geek so really look forward to seeing where each team play.
Quick reminder that I always include the link in the image, so clicking on the image of the stadium takes you to the full image, rather than the thumbnail it appears as on this site.
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Over to you Stu .
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Remind me again what order these are in?
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Originally Posted by Statto00 View Post
Remind me again what order these are in?
Record over the last 10 years.
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Michigan State Spartans

Location: East Lansing, Michigan

Spartans: The team originally went by the Aggies nickname due to it being an agricultural college. In 1925 the school there was a contest to pick a new name and they decided on the Michigan Staters but a local reporter called George Alderton decided he didn’t like that name so made up his own the Spartans and it stuck.

Introduction: The program began as a club sport in 1885 then began playing against other schools in 1896 when they joined Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic association. They became independent in 1907 and remained that way until the joined the BIG 10 in 1953.

Biggest Achievements: Michigan claims 6 National Championships 3 were recognised by the AP or coaches’ poll making them Consensus national champions.

1952 Michigan State went 9-0 under Coach Biggie Munn to finish AP #1 and claim the National Championship. They didn’t play a bowl game I assume that’s because they were an independent at the time but I’m not certain.

1965 Coach Duffy Daugherty’s Spartans went into the Rose Bowl game 10-0 although they lost to UCLA in that game they were still named National Champions via the coaches’ poll

1966 The Spartans only blemish in ‘66 was the famous tie with Notre Dame the two teams would also share the National Championship that year.
The other claimed titles were in 1951 when the Spartans went 9-0, 1955 they went 9-1 then beat UCLA in the Rose bowl and 1957 they also finished with a 9-1 record.

Biggest Failure: 1994 after a massive academic fraud and paying recruits scandal Michigan State were forced to forfeit 5 games and left with a 0-11 record. They fired then coach George Perles and hired some guy called Nick Saban who I’ve never heard of.

Rivalries: Michigan, the in-state rivals located 142.6 miles apart have played every year since 1910. Michigan leads the series 70-35-5, They play for the Paul Bunyan trophy.

Notre Dame, the Spartans and Irish play for the Megaphone trophy. They played one of the many games that have been called the game of the century when the teams ranked #1 and #2 played to a 10-10 tie. Notre Dame leads the series 34–27–1.

Much like the rest of the BIG 10 they also have a couple more trophy games the Old Brass spittoon trophy against Indiana and the land grant trophy vs Penn State as the two schools are the oldest land-grant universities in America both founded in 1855.

Mascot: Sparty, A costumed Greek Warrior. The team itself is often referred to as Sparty after the mascot.

Colours: Green and White

Traditions: Sparty watch, leading up to the Michigan game the marching band take it turns to guard a bronze statue of a Spartan Warrior which is often vandalised by Michigan fans with yellow spray painted M’s

Spartan March to the Stadium, pretty simple fans and the Band March to the stadium before every game.

Before the team take the field the stadium PA plays quotes from the movie 300 followed by the AC/DC song Thunderstruck as they run out.

“It’s a beautiful day for Spartan Football” no matter the weather the PA announcer will say this phrase when giving the day’s weather forecast.

Head Coach: Mark Dantonio former South Carolina DB Dantonio is now in his 11th year in charge of the Spartans. One of the programs most successful coaches he has a record of 90-42.

All-Americans: Michigan State has 31 consensus all-Americans

Brad Van Pelt 71-72 Defensive back 2 time all-American, Maxwell award winner

Charles “Bubba” Smith, DL, College Football Hall of fame, 2 time all-American 65-66, Had his own chant fans would shout “Kill, Bubba kill”. Most importantly he went on to play Hightower in the police academy films.

Charles Rogers, WR, 2002 All-American, 13 game touchdown streak, School record for most touchdowns and Bilitnikoff award winner.

Lorenzo White, RB, two time All-American, school rushing leader touchdown leader, pretty much every record a RB can get

Darqueeze Dennard, DB, 2013 All-American, Jim Thorpe Award winner.

Stadium: Spartan Stadium opened in 1923 it’s currently holds 75,001 people. Fun fact the stadium noise from a Notre Dame game in the 50s was used in the film Spartacus as the battle sounds.

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Originally Posted by Stu_T View Post
some guy called Nick Saban who I’ve never heard of.
Apparently he went on to coach the Miami Dolphins, but wasn't very successful.
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