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Old 05.02.2014, 05:46 PM
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Smile Superbash Going Forward?

Hi All,

I stole this post from another thread sorry if you have already read it but I thought it might be better here

As a multi bash attendee I will say that the lack of people there was a not really a shock. When the only stipulation this year was having to have an email address? I think it was a case of easy come, easy go. If your not a die hard fan or only a casual observer of the game do you really want to stay up until half three in the morning with work the next day? So you go into an competition you win tickets your really happy but you actually have no intention of going to event it cost you nothing so some of the reasons for not going are really simple please let me list them?

1)I have no interest in the game I just enter every competition I can
2)It didn't cost me anything to get these tickets so they have no value to me.
3)Not really sure what NFL is all about but I'm not staying up that late?
4)I fully intended going but come Sunday it's a long trip to London so I didn't feel like it?

And you can go on and on with excuse after excuse I was extremely lucky this year because a very good friend of mine helped me out with a ticket There was however many NFLUK members on here that were not so lucky and I am not talking about just the regular posters. I am talking about the members of NFLUK who love American football and missed out because of the change of ticket allocation, that decision just seems nuts to me?

Didn't this event use to be "the" NFLUK event?

It could be that the sponsors won't give as much as before we are in a recession after all? It could be that Indigo2 charge too much for the event so less tickets can be given out? It could be that NFLUK just simply doesn't have the spare capital to pay for this event as it has in the past?

Whatever the reasons if it's the way the tickets were allocated then please NFLUK change the system? You are at risk of alienating the very fans that made NFL in the UK popular.

If it's funding, then NFLUK charge, we are happy to pay, I love a free event like the next man but to see the place half empty at halftime and at the presentation of the trophy only a handful of the diehards left is really sad. I had several conversations about paying for an event like Superbash I think that without exception everyone of the fans I spoke to there would have been happy to pay?

Even if its a nominal charge of 5GBP to 20GBP lots of people would be happy to pay if it meant we could still come to the bash. You could still nominate people to have the ability to buy the tickets so you don't lose control and touts can't get involved. You could charge a membership fee to NFLUK? Which meant you got priority seats at the International games and the Superbash?

I do love the Superbash and long may it last, I would love to know everyone else's ideas because it would be great not to have a half empty Indigo again?

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Old 15.02.2014, 08:12 AM
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Well said Silver&Black

Not sure I can add to that - seconded!!
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Old 15.02.2014, 01:07 PM
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Great post and a agree with most of that, very interested knowing it was half empty and by the end only a few there.

Being in London every year is a problem for many.... there has been suggestions at doing official Super bash parties in City's around the UK.....


I no they cant spread cheerleaders around them all and Players and Ex players etc. But to be fair the hardcore fan is more interested in the game not the Gimmicks (saying that we all love a cheerleader).

I think a small charge is fine and im sure most would pay, after all there are plenty of pubs and bars now having super bowl parties.

In the end NFLUK are missing a trick with the biggest game of the season by continuing to do what they are doing with the super bash and thats a real shame.
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Old 16.02.2014, 06:06 PM
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Got to say, was it half empty because of the two teams playing, or did it become apparent very early that it was going to be such a gubbing that folk just left.

But in fairness the NFL need to spread the bashes around or have others over the country, as there are fans all over and not just in the south of England.


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