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Originally Posted by steakz View Post
actually lechler has already come out against it and rumours are some other players arent too happy. campbell has come out all for jackson, not neccesarily against cable but for jackson. with 27 free agents this year gonna be hard to see most of them coming back.
yeah i came by some stuff after my post that quoted Lechler. Of course you have to be a phenomenal talent and near the best in the league at your position to be able to say these things in the press and not find your career bombed as you are put into a dog house or just dumped.

In fairness, if i was a pro athlete of calibre on the Raiders, especially one with limited years [i.e. seymour amongst others], i would take my services elsewhere that affords me a credible chance at success.

As stands in Lewins theory of change [for Business organisations], the Raiders will have to reset the culture/mentality of the locker room and wash out the despondency. Which basically involves bringing in plenty of personnel change. RE build with new clay instead of shaping the existing clay. But then the NFL is a fast changing environment. Most professionals focus on forgetting yesterday and moving forward today. But all the same, im expecting some fallout with our squads standouts.

I imagine Cambell is trying to get a rallying cry going to lift the teams optimism for Jackson, but then he may just be more self serving. I read that Davis was'nt happy at Cable for benching Cambell in favour of Gradkowski and this probably played into the decision not to bring Cable back. Perhaps Cambell is trying to consolidate on a status quo that favours him as the franchise driver and hopes to corall as many others as he can with that? Personally im not that optimistic about him, be interesting to know whether any others are if Cambell is as good as given the reins for next season.

Damn this is all so annoying.
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