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Old 06.02.2013, 12:37 AM
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Just a quickie guys, I see you incur taxes when the stuff gets delivered. Anyone know the percentage?
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Old 06.02.2013, 01:01 AM
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In theory, for any sales under 135 GBP, you shouldn't be charged anymore than approx 20 GBP at the UK Border, but it has been known to effectively be a lottery, and unfortunately, you're never really in a place to argue if you want your package.

My Girlfriends Dad sent her a present a couple of years ago which was only worth about 70 USD, but we had to pay 55 GBP to get it released. When I ordered my custom Jersey from NFLShop in 2006 or 2007 (can't remember) it was worth 99 USD and I had to pay 35 GBP upon delivery.

Hopefully that kind of helps? To completely avoid though, honestly just use Fansedge!
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Old 08.02.2013, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by CJayDixon View Post
To completely avoid though, honestly just use Fansedge!
Just to be clear, you don't avoid VAT and import taxes when ordering from Fansedge - they add the taxes to your order before you pay.

So you ALWAYS pay the tax when ordering from Fansedge.

The only thing you potentially avoid is rip-off "handling" and "administration" fees levied by the delivery company to collect the actual tax on parcels which aren't "pre-paid".

It's still quite possible for "taxable" parcels to get through with no tax at all - I had one (nothing to do with NFL) delivered last week.

So, it's a choice... Pay in advance if the retailer uses that scheme (fansedge), or take a flyer on your parcel getting through untaxed (with the risk you'll end up paying extra "fees" on top if it does get taxed...) ( and others).
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