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Old 04.02.2013, 07:13 PM
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Thanks everyone for another ace night, great meeting you all, just disappointed they didn't get me up on stage to do my touchdown routine, it would have been for the ages anyway... Thanks all who again helped us with tickets.

We had, well my wife had issues getting soft drinks free, as in every time through whole game was asked to pay, so not sure what happened there

I wandered into the VIP aswell during halftime, and played xbox with some dude and bet him by a field goal, final score 3-0 hahaha got another couple of drinks in there so that was nice, but there was rubbish views from there, and it was just watching the tv really, so headed back to the floor, to finish watching the game

Good times on our yearly trip down for the superbash

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Old 04.02.2013, 08:23 PM
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As always I had a great time. Free food and drink were very nice touches. I prefered indigo as a venue but it is what it is.
Thank you so much nfluk for putting on such a fun event for free.
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Old 04.02.2013, 08:33 PM
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My first ever Superbash, and I would like to thank the ladies working on the VIP desk for upgrading my tickets as the Cumulative Fantasy Football winner.

Having never been before I cannot compare the venue with previous ones, but I do have alot of sympathy for those who had to stand for the whole event - we were actually very lucky in getting the last 4 seats in the VIP area, and I do believe that there should have been more seating in the venue as a whole, as the thought of standing for 7 hours to watch the game isn't really my idea of fun (couch, beer, wings etc... = Superbowl Sunday)

My only gripe was that you might expect the toilets in the VIP area to be, well, a bit more VIP - but that couldn't be any further from the truth - the gents had a puddle (which grew into a lake) of pee, and my wife informs me that the ladies were in no better state - which was saying something given the male to female ratio!

That aside - we had a fantastic night, glad it didn't go to overtime and beyond the 4am licensing mad decision to turn of the televisions. A memorable night for many reasons... special mention to the group of guys in Belushi's Bar pre Superbash who were applying their GUYLINER and asked my wife if she had a pencil sharpener as their eyeliner pencil had broken. She didn't and when whittling it with a steak knife didn't work one of the lads went to the shop and came back with a kids stationary set just for the sharpener! I'm sure they are all sporting sore heads today as we witnessed a serious amount of pre-game Jagerbombs consumed!

I don't honestly expect to retain my Fantasy Football title, so looks like I will be back on the couch next year - or maybe I will be at MetLife Satdium
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Old 04.02.2013, 09:15 PM
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It was my first SuperBash, and I thoroughly enjoyed the night, the game was outstanding.
I had no problem getting free Pepsi, unlike others I've read about.

Just the seating part really that was the negative.

Would love to go again next year, if I don't save enough to go to MetLife that is.
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Old 04.02.2013, 10:39 PM
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Take the Ravens win out of the situation and I really enjoyed the whole night.

I will be one of the few that were happy the feed ended as I didn't want to see or hear anymore to be honest.

I think during the break before the 4th qrt starts someone should come on the mic get the spotlight out and say it is not the club / events fault they have to cut the show short after the presentation just to warm you all . Just so you don't get stupid reactions of lads thinking they are getting hard done by.

Toilets were at a plenty not much of a que.

All security/ bar / event staff were spot on. The beer / food vouchers were great again.

Food I thought was good, burger / hot dog kept me happy. Free Pizza again late on Is a great idea.

Standing no problem plenty of room, easy to get about without bumping people left right and centre. Was a great crowd on the night.

After saying all that I still prefer the 02( without the sofas ). By the looks of people on here the upstairs seating is a massive miss at this current venue.
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Old 05.02.2013, 02:48 AM
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Over all I had a great night, would have loved the Niners to have come back for the win,
but at least they came back and made a real game of it.

Thanks Bluelionman for fixing me up with tickets, good to catch up with you again. Sorry
you missed out on a lot of prelimenaries whilst being the face of Superbash ticket exchange.

Also good to make new aquaintences with British Bulldawg, jmcbean and Stocksy who I just got to say Hi too as we were leaving.

Highlights of the night .................

Meeting up with Silver&black again, who gets mentioned above my meeting and chat with Daunte Culpepper, probably because he was easier to track down than Culpepper !!
Cheers Phil, hope you got home OK.
Signed piccy and chat with Fred Taylor.
Free Jag's T'shirt and Cheerleader Calendar.
Good entertainment from cheerleaders and those break dancing guys.
Great Food especially late on Pizza
Event staff, all seemed helpful, friendly and I thought done a pretty good job.

Lowlights .......
Seating. There came a point where I just had to get the weight off my feet, if only for a short while. Got a seat during 4th quarter which had a poor view of any TV screens, and was way to close to the Gents :eek
The Koko sound system, I like a bit of base, but that was way too much, probably the
cause of my headache this morning !!
Also NO free soft drinks, see from forum some people did get them, the 2 times I ordered them at the bar I had to pay for them. Not cheap either, £2 for a small plastic cup mostly filled with ice, what was that about

On the whole have to say thanks NFLUK, it was a great Night, glad I was there
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Old 05.02.2013, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by bluelionman View Post
Hope to be there again next year - unless the Lions are in it and then I'd have a hard choice to make.
See you next year then!

Seriously though, I think you did a grand job.

I had a great night, thanks to all I chatted to, and thanks to the NFL for organising it.
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Old 05.02.2013, 07:48 AM
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What's the crowd like at these things, sausage-fest?
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Old 05.02.2013, 09:39 AM
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Good night agree with previous statments on the sound quality. The free drinks and food were quality. The worst thing for me was the trip home being over 2hrs which meant once i got home I only had 15mins before leaving for work.

I would have loved to see the riot if the game went to overtime and the turned the screen off.

Overall a good night thanks nfluk
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Old 05.02.2013, 11:44 AM
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Great Night, great fans best NFL game or party i have been too!

There are a few complaints on here i have to agree with, The Venue i think was poor, seating was few and far between, they decided to mop the floor in the bar downstairs at 1 point which made it slippery as an ice rink! And they decided to start clearing away the rubbish during the game and getting in front of the screens upstairs!

No bodeans was a massive shame but i think all in all was an excellent night and it was free so cannot complain too much!

Thanks NFLUK!
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