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Old 12.02.2017, 01:18 AM
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Default Why the Chargers?

I have been a fan of American Football since the days when the Sunday afternoon game was broadcast live on channel 4 but have never picked a favourite team.

Why should I support your team?

Take it away
*pops popcorn*
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Old 14.02.2017, 12:56 PM
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Well it's never dull.....

The Chargers are a 5-11 team that if had been coached vaguely well could have been a 9-7 team. There is a lot of young talent in this team.
Their colour rush uni last year was elite...
Phillip Rivers despite giving up plenty of interceptions last year at the back end of the season (when chasing games) still has plenty of ability. Given an improved O-line next year and a slightly more run based game next year I'd expect him to be more efficient in that TD to Int ratio.
Joey Bosa (last years number 3 pick - and both players before him were QB's) just had a great rookie season - defensive rookie of the year, and he wasn't alone. Hunter Henry despite limited snaps/targets also had a big year with joint most TD's by a tight end. Jatavis Brown was superb before his season was cut short by injury.
In Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward they have two excellent cornerbacks, and next year they will be coached by Gus Bradley. Just need to get the safeties right in free agency and the draft and the secondary could be one of the best around (Big IF, I know!).
Their receivers are pretty decent. Keenan Allen (when fit) is top. Tyrell Williams had a big season and even Inman played well. Gates is a legendary TE (but will see his snaps limited next season at his age with Henry emerging and possibly Jeff Cumberland coming back from injury)
Melvin Gordon was excellent before being injured at the tail end of the season. He should also be looking forward to Lynn coming in as head coach given he was a RB himself and has primarily been a RB coach. MG was only 3 yards off a 1000 yard running season from RB. Which is double impressive considering.....

The offensive line. Slauson aside it is pretty weak. Clark and Tuerk from last years draft didn't play through injury and might make an impression next year though and it's certain they will make moves either in the draft or free agency to fix it. I expect one or two will be cut who were poor this year (Barksdale, Fluker).

Plus...they've never won the Superbowl. Imagine being a fan when they win their first! Who wants to be yet another glory hunting Patriots, Packers, Dolphins or Giants fan!
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