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Old 18.10.2016, 09:31 PM
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The comments by the ISU president show he knows they don't have a likely P5 landing place outside the B12.

“When I hear people say Texas and Oklahoma this, I laugh because I’m in the room and that isn’t the case. The Big 12 exists because we have Texas and Oklahoma in the room. If we take Texas and Oklahoma out of the room, we are in the Mountain West Conference and we are going to get $3 million. It would be like somebody saying, ‘We don’t want Georges Niang on our team because he takes too many shots. Okay. We can take Georges Niang off of our team and let’s see how good we would have been the last couple of years. We have two star players whether people want to like that or not – Texas and Oklahoma. I am glad to be on a team that has two great players and we benefit from being on that team. We can go play on a weaker team and be the star but then everybody will be saying, ‘How do you get us in one of those Power 5 conferences Mr. AD?’”
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