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Old 31.08.2009, 11:57 PM
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See later on...(Page 6)

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Old 01.09.2009, 04:37 PM
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Name - Rich
Age - 41
Lives - Beckenham
Followed Cowboys since - 1985
Why Dallas? - When I was a kid, my mum watched Dallas and I remember a shot of Texas Stadium in the credits.
Favourite current player - Jason Witten
Favourite all-time player - Triplets/Tony Dorsett
First memory - Beating NY Giants at Texas Stadium & using 3 quarterbacks to do it!
Best memory - The game above with White/Hogeboom/Pelleur. The three Superbowl wins, Emmitt getting the record. Beating 49ers at Candlestick for the Championship in 91(?)
Worst memory - 1-15

Pet peevs/views
So many great players
General perception of Club (not helped by some of Jerry's own doing!)
Good young talent coming through
Felix The Cat already looking like a definite for the HOF
Hated seeing Dallas led by Parcells, but will grudgingly admit he brought some good.

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Old 06.09.2009, 08:36 PM
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Name - steve
Age - 33
Lives - Bognor Regis
Followed Cowboys since - 1987
Why Dallas? - not really sure, kinda liked the uniforms and thourght tony dorsett was ace!Favourite current player - Tony Romo
Favourite all-time player - Troy Aikman
First memory - watching the on channel 4 beating the giants 16-14
Best memory - listening to the cowboys on armedforces radio beating the redskins 27-17 on thanks giving (i think in 88 or 89) showed me that after watching them play awful for two years before we could finally turn things around!. and also phoning the nfl scoreline, it was a 0898 number and hearing the cowboys beat the redskins 13-3 to finally win a game when we were 1-15 i was so shocked i had to phone the numbe again to make sure it was right
Worst memory - the dreaded 1-15 season

Pet peevs/views
wade phillips is too soft why does jerry jones likehim so much?
how can we get rid of t.o?
we will go 10-6 this year.
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Old 06.09.2009, 09:39 PM
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Name: Mike
Age: 37
Lives: Leeds
Followed since 1982
Why Dallas: TV Show of same name in the opening credit there was a brief glimpse of Texas stadium and I liked the name, this was a close thing as I could have been a Jets fan (Flash Gordon)
Favourite current player Witten, DeWare.
Favourite All Time, too many to name, Dorsett, Walker, Randy White
First memory watching the likes of 'Too Tall' Danny White, Rafael Septien, Dorsett on Channel 4
Best game: NFC Championship game against 49ers before Superbowl 27, also the comeback game against the Falcons in 81, (As seen on the Best ever Cowboys games)
Worst memory: The Dark days the seasons between 86-90 the 1-15 and 3-13 stand out (finishing worse the than the Bucs who back then didn't win anything)

Peeves: none really its all swings and roundabouts

Views: we around a season or 2 from being one of the best in the NFC, we have a great O Line but they are old and need to be replaced Adams can't go on for ever, we need to see a a good #2 Wideout to step up to take the heat off Williams.

We have an underrated Defence but we also need some depth at LB, and hopefully the secondary will now be sorted Sensabaugh could be the pick of the free agents.
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Old 07.09.2009, 04:20 PM
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Name: Kieran
Age: 26
Lives: Watford
Followed since 2007
Why Dallas: My first NFL experience was the Giants @ Dolphins game at Wembley and I made the decision that I would watch the following week's game, whoever it featured, and would support the winner. It turned out to be Giants @ Cowboys, and we won thanks to TO and Romo. After that I was hooked.
Favourite current player DeWare.
Favourite All Time, I wont answer this as this is only my third season following the Boys. I'm in no position to say all time favourite player - ask me in ten years :-)
Best game: Last season's MNF against the Eagles. An exciting game that we came out on top of 41-37.
Worst memory: The return match in Philly. Watching our offence fail and our D crumble was heart breaking.

Peeves: Having too many disruptive players last year - thank god they're gone.

Views: This season could be a tough one having lost a few experienced heads. I worry about our options at WR, but with MBIII, Felix the Cat and Choice we have as good a running game as anyone.

All in all, I'm a confident Cowboy, although new compared to all of you. I cant wait for the season to kick off and win or lose - HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!
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Old 07.09.2009, 08:05 PM
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Name - Justin
Age - 27
Lives - Blackpool
Followed Cowboys since - 1992
Why Dallas? - Childhood memories of watching them on ch4 without really knowing what was going on
Favourite current player - Jason Witten
Favourite all-time player - Witten/Emmitt
First memory - Emitt circa 92/93
Best memory - Superbowl wins, nothing else compares, 95 especially as by this point a little more aware of what was going on!!
Worst memory - most of the late 90's and the eagles lose back in december
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Old 08.09.2009, 06:43 AM
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Name - Paul
Age - 37
Live - Newcastle
Followed cowboys since - 1985
Why Dallas -First game I watched, decided to support the winner.
Favourite current player - Ware/Witten
All time player - Dorsett/Smith/Irvin...loads of em

Best memory - The superbowl wins!!!
Worst memory - 1-15. (and the eagles game last season)

Peeves - Garrets playcalling!! Not going for another good receiver after T.O.

Could have a good year this season. Alot is riding on Williams' performance.
Our running game should be awesome.
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Old 08.09.2009, 05:24 PM
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Name - Chris

Age - 16

Home town - Wigan, Lancashire

Followed Cowboys since - 2003

Why Cowboys - I honestly cant remember, but me being 10 at the time, probably because of the uniform and the awesome name

Fav current player - Marcus Spears, dont know why I just like him

All time fav player - Not seen enough legends in my time watching, but simply beacause of the records, Emmitt Smith

Best memory. The comeback against the Bills was fantastic, i was in 2 minds whether to stay up and watch or record it on sky+ and watch when i come in from was worth falling asleep in school for
The game against Philly where T.Newman returned a interception for a TD in one of Parcells last game

Worse memory's. Losing to the Giants in the 07 playoffs, so confident of winning that game. Also losing to the Skins when there was the blocked field goal, the Skins returned for enough yards to score a FG.
Seattle !!!

Pet peeves / views

Roy Williams - Still think that was an awful trade and we may regret it
Tony Romo - No choker, he'll show em at the end of the season
Ogletree - An absolute steal, expect a good career from him

Playoffs this year, wildcard spot then who knows, Romo to show everyone he can play in December/January months

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Old 10.09.2009, 12:18 PM
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Name - Steve
Age - 44
Lives - Neath
Followed Cowboys since - 1982
Why Dallas? - C4's preview of the NFL was 'Max Boyce meets the Dallas Cowboys' and that got me hooked
Favourite current player - Havent really got a favourite... There are about 6 or 7 that for me stand out.
Favourite all-time player - Danny White
First memory - Again the Max Boyce C4 show
Best memory - Stuffing the Redskins 44-14 on opening night, Hershell Walkers debut in a stunning opening night win against the Giants, beating the 49ers in Candelstick to make the first of the Super Bowls since i started following them and of course the 3 Super Bowl wins in 4 years.
Worst memory - Losing to the 49ers in the NFC Chamionship match
Main Gripe - The offensive line... too many penalties and a tendancy to disintegrate under pressure.
This season - I feel its between us and the Giants for the division.... I really feel the Eagles have caused problems for themselves in signing Vick and can see them losing a few more games than they should have.

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Old 11.09.2009, 09:01 PM
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Name - Carmisha
Age - 21
Lives - London
Followed Cowboys since - 2001 but really proper got into the game in since 2007
Why Dallas? - I dunno they were the first team I watched play and I think they lost the match but there was just something about them.
Favourite current player - Jason Witten and Tony Romo but I'm also quite liking Tashard Choice
Favourite all-time player- Witten
Best memory - Superbowl wins.
Worst memory - everytime we just miss out on the playoffs, my friend laughed at me coz I got soo upset last year I refused to watch the rest of the playoffs and only watched the superbowl.
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