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Old 03.10.2009, 03:50 PM
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Am I the only female cowboy fan on here?? surely not?!

Name - Sally
Age - 30
Lives - Milton Keynes
Followed Cowboys since - 1991 i think??
Why Dallas? - Ermm truthly liked the kit colour, but Emmitt smith and troy aikman were class players,
Favourite current player - Demarcus Ware
Favourite all-time player - Emmitt Smith
First memory - super bowl win against the bills
Best memory - Emmitt Smith in the superbowl game Vs Bills 30-13
Worst memory - Anytime we lose against redskins (my Bro's team!!!)
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Old 04.10.2009, 07:03 PM
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Name: Scott Wallace
Fan Since 2009 i watched a game i think vs washington and i liked them since then
NFL fan Since 2008 spent first years as a titans fan but i watched them play didnt lke them then i watched a dallas game
(i know not a very good fan )
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Old 04.10.2009, 11:46 PM
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Another Cowboys woman here! (glad I'm not the only one)

Name -Cazz
Age - 27
Lives - London (for the past 2 days) before that Swansea, originally from Edinburgh
Followed Cowboys since - forever

Why Dallas? - I cannot remember not supporting them, had a Tony Dorsett poster on my wall when I was 4.

Favourite current player - Jason Witten/Tashard Choice

Favourite all-time player - Tony Dorsett/The triplets

First memory - watching the cowboys on channel 4 when they used to have the helmet that huffed.

Best memory - Winning superbowls in 93,94 and 96.

Worst memory - 1989 season, 1 win.

Pet peevs

The Eagles (and their crappy song! and the Redskins.
Everyone being on Romo's back, just leave him to get on with it.
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Old 05.10.2009, 12:39 PM
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Name - Nick
Age - 23
Lives - Staines
Followed Cowboys since - 1993
Why Dallas? - Detroit Lions V Dallas Cowboys at Wembley Stadium in 1993, i was 7, went with my Dad and late Grandad. 13-13, Lin Elliott missed 3 O/T Field Goals and None other than Jason Garrett played QB - Dad bought me a Dallas Top (even though he is a Pats fan) and the 'fairytale' started there!
Favourite current player - D-Ware
Favourite all-time player - Emmitt Smith
First memory - 13-13 v Lions Funnily Enough
Best memory - Any time we beat the Giants, so in particular the Defence destroying Manning late last regular season. Dominating!!

Pet peevs/views

*Tony Romo can be sublime, all i ask for is consistency
*Does Roy Williams have a personality?? - TO was a nightmare but Roy needs to show some of that 'natural' WR Arrogance - He is way too reserved to be a WR, show me the flamboyance!
*Jason Williams is going to be a great draft choice in the future at LB
*We got the better RB from Arkansas last year - Felix and MB are unstoppable
*Demarcus Will explode in the 2nd half of this season! Blaow!
*Ratliff is a monster!
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Old 08.10.2009, 03:37 PM
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Name: Martin
Age: 28
Lives: Selby, North Yorkshire
Followed Cowboys since: 1990
Why Dallas?: A friend of a friend is Gary Hogeboom.
Favourite current player: Jason Witten
Favourite all-time player: Deion Sanders
First memory: The drafts uniting the Triplets
Best memory: Wittens catch against the Eagles, when he lost is helmet and kept on running.
Worst memory: Recent playoff performances.

Romo is good, but until the WR's start stepping up, MBIII will be our match winner.
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Old 13.10.2009, 09:58 PM's Avatar is offline
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name john
age 38
lives; sunderland
cowboy fan since 1985
why dallas: first team seen on tv
Favourite current player: Barber
Favourite all-time player: emmitt smith
First memory; tom landrys hat
Best memory: super bowl wins
Worst memory: going to a redskins eagles game( no it was brill but you no what i mean)
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Old 18.10.2009, 11:44 PM
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Default hi fellow cowboys fans

Name: James
Lives: Falkirk Scotland
Followed Cowboys since: 1989
Why Dallas: just something about them maybe the uniform or the stadium i dunno just had to be the cowboys they've been my team ever since.
Favourite current player: Tony romo
Favourite all time: Troy aikman
First memories: probably superbowl 27 vs bills aikmans 3 td passes
Worst memories: romo botch snap vs seahawks losing to giants in playoff and getting destroyed by eagles last year
Romo - step up to the plate & show ur a gd QB
Phillips - stop calling defensive plays and sort out the penalties
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Old 20.10.2009, 10:20 AM
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Name - Barry
Age - 40
Lives - Preston

Followed Cowboys since - 1978

Why Dallas? - My sister visited Dallas in 1978 and brought me a T-shirt

Favourite current player - Tony Romo, Miles Austin

Favourite all-time player - Oh lots but especially Smith,Aikman,Irvin and Ed "too tall" Jones

First memory - The Aforementioned T-shirt

Best memory - Superbowl 27 and running around outside my friends house celebrating at 4AM spraying Champagne and cheering...then being shouted at by his somewhat confused neighbours! Also getting to see the Cowboys at the old Wembley vs Detroit

Worst memory - losing to the Giants in 2008 playoffs.

Pet peevs/views
Give Romo a chance.
Everyone should support free to air TV coverage in the UK!
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Old 25.10.2009, 08:29 PM
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Name - Paul
Age - 36
Lives - Burnham-on-sea, Somerset
Followed Cowboys since - mid eighties
Why Dallas? - The first game I saw on Channel 4 was between the Cowboys and the Redskins. I just decided that following "America's Team" was for me. Also had a crush on the cheerleaders that's never diminished :-)
Favourite current player - Marion Barber
Favourite all-time player - Emmit Smith
First memory - Tony Dorsett tearing up the field with the ball under his arm
Best memory - 3 Superbowl wins, a succession of great RB's running rings around Defensive lines, Troy Aikman finding the target with worrying ease at his peak. The Cheerleaders!
Worst memory - Trying to convince my school friends that the Cowboys were a great team during the season Chicago went 15-1 with Walter Payton, the Fridge and co. Every kid supported them that year...............except me
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Old 29.12.2009, 06:41 AM
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Default Texan in London

Name - Stokes
Age - 33
Lives - London
Loved the Cowboys since- 1976
Why Dallas? - I'm from West Texas, if I went any other way my grandmother would have kicked my ass.
Favorite current player - Roy Williams (Texas Longhorn) Texas Fight!
Favorite all-time player - Michael Irvin
First memory - Getting our asses kick through out the eighties
Best memory - Donkey punching the Bills in the 1992 Superbowl. They boys were back!

Pet peevs/views
Jerry Jones- Needs to get out of the way and write the checks.
Roy Williams- Catch the damn ball
Philly Eagles- I hate the Mullet having, Camero driving Douche bags.
Skins- Good thing they suck, same for the 9er's

They ask, why is there a hole in the roof of the stadium? So god can watch his team play.

Along with the Cowboys the Texas Longhorns are the ****. Beat Bama!!!

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