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Old 02.12.2017, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by guards1656 View Post
The fact that so many German fans travel over for the London games probably makes it less likely that the nfl will play a game over there anytime soon. Sort of we do we need to come to you when you already come to us attitude.

If the ultimate aim is a franchise, surely you’d just keep doing games to London until you can test the market, that it can sustain 8 games. With it be a struggle to get teams to give up home games, if there’s more I’d expect Mexico and London to get them.
Unfortunaly to us German fans you are probably right. Only chance would be a 17th-neutral-side game for every team... Thats not going to happen... Or a franchise in London thats a success on and off the field. That might create NFL owners interest in another european market. But if the London Games don't sell out anymore and NFL doesn't see progress in the UK they probably end the whole international experiment. At least in europe. Thats what they are usually good at. If plans don't work out don't fix it but throw it in the can... aka NFLEurope...aka Cleveland Browns QBs...

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