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Old 15.07.2017, 09:08 AM
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As one of the longer term members, I think if the technical issues already mentioned could be sorted out the forum works well enough as it is (the random sign out and password being incorrect despite having ticked the remember me box is another annoying niggle). The forums could do with slimming down, but if you allow people to post new threads on whatever subject (*cough* gamepass) where do you draw the line?

I can understand the desire for a total redesign to attract new members, but do you think that is actually a realistic option when the admin can mess up even a simple upgrade?
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Old 15.07.2017, 10:01 AM
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I think far more could and should be done to promote the forum. It should be advertised regularly during Sky Sports' live game coverage and should be much easier to access from the NFLUK home page. For me, that's probably the biggest issue. If people can't find the forum, or even know it exists, it doesn't matter how good it is...

The forum layout is badly outdated. If anything, the look of the site has gotten worse with each "update/upgrade". Many people have issues with posting images, emojis now have to be entered manually in posts etc. It's just an ugly, unappealing layout that is now as un-user friendly as it gets.

Long standing issues like the forum clock time difference, the live feed freezing and Private Messaging need to be fixed. These problems have been highlighted numerous times, so there's no excuse for them not having been sorted by now. The impression we get, whether accurate or not, is that NFLUK doesn't care about the forums. If that is the case, it's a huge mistake on their part. A busy, well run forum is a great tool to build and maintain a fanbase.

4 or 5 subforums could easily be dropped or integrated into others. I don't necessarily see that as a massive issue (the wrestling forum I frequent has a frankly ridiculous number), but it would streamline the site and make it more attractive to visitors.

I still think a shoutbox/live chat feature would help increase traffic, especially during games. The only issue with it is how to moderate it, although it shouldn't be that difficult to police (especially if the site adds a few more moderators to help out the couple of active ones we currently have).

A lot of posters over the years have bemoaned the lack of custom avatars/signatures. I'm personally not fussed when it comes to signatures, but the forum could certainly be much more flexible on avatars.

The FF game should be brought back. The decision to scrap it last year caused a serious backlash, and drove several people away.

More interactive content from the "powers that be". E.g competitions, Q & A sessions with current or past players/coaches.

Just my initial thoughts, may come up with more later...
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Old 15.07.2017, 11:05 AM
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Needs to be advertised better to attract more discussions. Go on any Niners gameday thread from last season and the majority is me talking to myself. We know the Niners are one of the most followed franchises in this country so either they're all avoiding me or they don't know about this place!
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Old 15.07.2017, 11:28 AM
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I get put off by any thread that is 10 pages long or more unless its a live game thread.

I think this struck me particularly this offseason when I had a comment on something but as it was 2 or 3 pages back in the offseason thread so I didn't feel it was appropriate to post it as the moment had been missed. Had it been its own individual thread then I would have probably posted something even if the thread had not had another contribution for a couple of days.
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Old 15.07.2017, 12:29 PM
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Streamline and remove where necessary.

Team threads seem a waste of time but the idea of grouping by conference is a good one.

Custom avatars but no signatures for me. Signatures end up dominating the page.

Promote the forum on Sky TV. Have questions from the forum read out at half time or something.

Make the forum easier to find.

Allow mild swearing.
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Old 15.07.2017, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by ssuhaide View Post
My thoughts.

In no particular order.

Someone fix the clock time. Embarrassing that the system time on the site is not synchronised with the real time.

The forum should have its own website. Not a well hidden link off the nfluk site.

Aa most people have pointed out too many sections. Needs to streamlined. Take out TV section, nfl shop, London games etc. May be have a popular vote on sections.

Look at how other forum designs work. I read a few other forums. Nearly all of them follow the same format. For example don't have a silly limit of 15 posts per page or whatever it is. I tend to skip threads that have too many pages.
Maybe a rules section. I don't have the knowledge of the game that other posters have but would be nice to ask a whole bunch of questions.

Banning orders. Need to be reviewed. Too many good posters have left. People should always get 2nd/3rd chances.

I'll think of more but those are my early thoughts.

you can set the posts to 40 a page, i'm not sure about the clock but i think its also a settings issue (but the site isnt helpful with the clock in general.)
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Old 15.07.2017, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by kw13 View Post
One of the best forums I've used, HST if you want to know what a modern, well run forum looks like go and spend a few hours here. Just a word of warning the actual content is one big circle jerk, if you don't think LA are going 16-0 in 2017, or that maybe Bill Belichick is a better HC than whoever the hell LA's current one is you won't be welcomed.

As for sub forums I think you could probably get away with 3, football (NFL, college, even CFL), game day threads, everything else. Good content should rise, bad content will fall, simples.
That forum does look excellent. Up to date and not clunky looking, makes the first time viewer want to delve deeper.
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Old 15.07.2017, 05:14 PM
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I agree that the site is too hidden away - though I can't imagine it would ever be given a separate identity away from the rest of the NFLUK site, it should be far easier to find for the newcomer.

On the NFLUK home page it should be given a home on the header section - if not the forum, then the 'Fan Zone' section should be on there - not 'More+'
Does that header really need two sections for Photos and videos? That could be put under the banner of 'media' and free up a nice space for the 'Fane Zone'/forum.
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Old 15.07.2017, 05:17 PM
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Can I stretch the issue and say the whole NFLUK website is a train wreck?

Its insanely badly designed, way too clunky, too fussy, too hard to find things. The forum is symptomatic of a website that is full of rubbish. Its needs cleaning up, put on a much better design and figuring out what it wants to be.

Thats the big thing for the website and the forum. What is the purpose?

Is it an info hub for existing fans? A hub for London games? An advertisement for newbies?

At the moment its seems a complete mix of not a lot.

Last edited by BuffaloG; 15.07.2017 at 05:24 PM.
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Old 15.07.2017, 05:17 PM
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Technical issues are one of the reasons that this place lost so many users in a short space of time, and it is utterly unforgivable that they're still in need of ironing out - especially since so many people spent their time and effort to report them to the admin as they found them - what sort of faith can someone be expected to have in a site if their repeated reports of problems are seemingly ignored?

I'm not a technical person, couldn't tell you the first thing about how to create a webpage or a forum, but if the NFLUK people can't be bothered to sort the place out, would we as a community be able to knock something up and submit it to them? Am I being stupid (genuine question, I have no idea about this stuff)
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