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Old 15.06.2014, 12:04 AM
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RIP Chuck Noll a coaching legend who changed Pittsburgh Steeler history and will never be forgotten
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Old 15.06.2014, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by redcar_steeler View Post
Football is all about blocking, tackling and passing.
Coach Noll was a tremendous technician in the individual fundamentals of football, which was something very important to him.
"The game still comes down to blocking and tackling and running and catching - you can do what's fashionable and try all the gadgets and gimmicks or you can do what's right. We prefer to do what's right. Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else." - Chuck Noll
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Old 16.06.2014, 09:36 AM
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Privileged to have been on board as a fan for the last few years of his tenure in the late 80s.

Thoughts obviously with his family.

Loving some of the comments on here already, especially from Raiders fans, I don't know if that rivalry during the 70s can ever be matched again by by non-divisional teams, but those guys knew him for what he was and will acknowledge what he achieved better than most as they were on the receiving end more often than not.

Rest in peace Chuck, I'll miss you.
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