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Old 06.07.2010, 12:13 PM
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Default 2010 Divisional Picks

I know it's boring and poor Syborg is close to ending it all,NFS(No Football Syndrome) can be fatal if not treated quickly,Madden 10 can only bring so much relief.
I usually pass the time by trying to pick the division winners each year,the best i've had to now is 6 out of 8,so i thought you guys might like to have a stab at it,i know it's early but some bookmakers have odds up,most of the NFL previews are out,so why not,it passe's away the time!.

AFC East-New England
I would love to pick our Dolphins but i think they are a season away from a big season,maybe a wildcard,i am not buying into the Jets hype.

AFC West-San Diego
I wish the Fins were in this division,although the Kansas backfield of Jones and Charles plus Matt Cassel could provide a shock.

AFC North-Baltimore
Pittsburgh will miss Ben for the first four weeks,plus Holmes has gone as well.

AFC South-Indianapolis
Houston could push them but rumours of Manning's demise have been greatly exaggerated

NFC East-Dallas
Could Dallas be the first team to play in a home superbowl,the pressure will get to Kolb,Philly fans are brutal.

NFC West-San Francisco
There's by default i think,Arizona without Warner,Boldin and Dansby is a lot of gaps to plug.

NFC North-Green Bay
Minnesota with Favre could push them close,but how long can he go on?

NFC South-New Orleans
Atlanta could push them close but Brees is too much of a competitor to let there crown go without a fight,but can he hold off the curse of Madden!!!!

A £10 accumalator pays £1739.52 with Stanjames,looks easy does'nt it!

No-one really talked about Cincy winning the division last year,except the Racing Post!
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Old 06.07.2010, 08:55 PM
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Divisional winners are so hard to predict. There's always 1 or 2 teams that come from nowhere (such as Miami in 08) that mean I avoid laying bets on the outcome.

I agree with most of Andy's predictions although would go for Atlanta in the NFC South (Saints to have a SB hangover), and am not convinced by anyone in either West Division and have a feeling the Raiders may come good if Campbell settles

Teams on the rise and may cause a surprise or two - KC & Cleveland although the AFC North looks very tough this year
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Old 07.07.2010, 09:55 PM
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East - New England
North - Baltimore
South - Indianapolis
West - San Diego

East - Dallas
North - Green Bay
South - New Orleans
West - San Francisco

It's hard to bet against NE and IND so long as they have Brady and Manning. I don't really fancy the Chargers to be that great in 2010... but they may win that weak division by default. I'd certainly fancy the Dolphins chances if they were in the West.

Ramsio's right though... there are always at least 1 or 2 slightly surprising division winners. The NFL is so hard to predict year after year. I will probably revise my predictions after we see who gets injured during the preseason, and after the cuts/signings are made prior to kickoff weakend.
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