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Old 02.07.2012, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Deli View Post
A very valid point. Shame on you sir. Unless it is all a cunning plan to bring her back.

My just 4 year old daughter, already knows that it is aqua and white only! She is quite happy as there are Dolphins on her shirt, lucky as it also has Henne on the back!

Will have to sort out a replacement when we go to Florida next May.
Haha... Exactly the same here. My 4 year old daughter knows there is just one team too! Playful animals and slightly feminine colours definately help the cause!
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Old 03.07.2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by andym41 View Post
Our first live game was Dolphins against Falcons (in the Michael Vick days) in Miami but I dont think my daughter was that impressed with the game.

We then went to New York mainly to watch NHL ( we are both Toronto fans and they were playing the Rangers and the Devils in the same week) and went to the Meadowlands to see the Jets and the Bills. As an aside it was the same day as the first IS game between the Dolphins and Giants so I missed that.

The Jets and Bills game was pretty crap but my daughter just loved the attitude of the Jets' fans and the atmosphere they generated so became a fan despite my protestations.

I had hoped to have converted her by now as I did with her choice of football team - she was a Coventry fan but after a day out in Istanbul she is a confirmed Liverpool fan.

Perhaps it's because she is older now or maybe just that over the past few seasons the Jets have looked more competitive than the Phins.
She loved the attitude of the Jets fans !!?? There really is no hope for her...
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