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Old 19.11.2015, 04:24 PM
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Default QB's

At the beginning of the season, I would've been a little worried about having Mallett & Hoyer under center....but having just seen that Weeden has signed to back up Yates while Hoyer is out with concussion, I wonder how you Texans fans feel about the state of your QB depth? I'd be mortified if I was a fan tbh.
Personally, I have no idea how Weeden keeps getting a job - even if it is short term down in Houston.
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Old 20.11.2015, 04:29 PM
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one word, .... hell
I think we have good players in all positions apart from (some)OL,TE and QB
TE and OL we can deal with but not at QB we need to pick one outta the draft (maybe penn state or Michigan state) some people say "apart from QB the texans have a good team they might make the play-offs" to that i say..... but QB is most important position in Football were not going to get far with out a Good QB. I'm not asking for a Joe Montana QB! but a good one at least! our GM is the problem.... Rant over
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Old 20.11.2015, 05:21 PM
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I think it's a case of the usual.......there just aren't that many starting quality QB's on this planet.

May seem a bit extreme, but it's true. So coaches, like Bill O'Brien have to try and find the best of the rest. Weeden gets a job because he has a solid arm, he has experience of the NFL and learning playbooks. I mean who else is out there? Coaches will always back themselves to get the best out of players with physical tools, even if others have tried, and failed, in the past.

For O'Brien he probably hasn't liked what he's seen at QB in recent drafts, in terms of need matching value, plus it's a win now business. Whilst you can't win without a QB, it doesn't mean you can win with a kid fresh out of college either.

O'Brien took the 're-tread' approach, hoping that Hoyer, Mallet, etc. could be 'good enough'. With Arian Foster and a potentially strong D, in a 'weak' division, you can the logic. That probably explains why he took another CB in rd 1 this year (Kevin Johnson).
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Old 21.11.2015, 05:25 AM
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Thank you for passing on Derek Carr for a guard.
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