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Old 01.05.2019, 05:46 PM
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Including UDFA, A+

I struggle to find fault

1 (9) Ed Oliver - DT
2 (38) Cody Ford - OT
3 (74) Devin Singletary - RB
3 (96) Dawnson Knox - TE
5 (147) Vosean Joseph - LB
6 (181) Jaquan Johnson - S
7 (225) Daryl Johnson - OLB
7 (228) Tommy Sweeny - TE

Notable UDFAs
Tyree Jackson - QB
David Sills V - WR

Ed Oliver is Ed Oliver.

Cody Ford was outrageous value, he is plug and play both at G and OT. How he fell out of round 1 is crazy, I have no idea what Houston were doing in round 1.

Singletary is a great fit, to learn from McCoy without pressure of being the starter

Knox fills the big receiving threat hole, doesnt matter is a TE they still catch the ball

Joseph is an athletic LB who improves massively the depth behind Milano and Edmunds

Johnson is a Special Teams ace, super high character and is big piece for a terrible Special Team unit

Johnson and Sweeny are both upside flyers in the 7th. Sweeny in particular with solid hands has a good route to the 53

UDFAs top it off. Sills filled the WR gap and I still dont know how, in a world where Matt Cassel Mk2 goes 6th, that Jackson goes undrafted.

The Bills hit it out the park, they used late round picks to move round the board, with so many FA signings, 10 draft picks were never to go make the roster anyway. Needs were addressed, great value for a number of picks.

And Ed Oliver is Ed Oliver.
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Old 01.05.2019, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
The Cowboys reportedly guaranteed $130,000 of Hyatt's potential $495,000 base salary, and gave him a $20,000 signing bonus. They guaranteed $100,00 of Kentucky CB Chris Westry's contract too.

Cowboys have thrown some serious money at their UDFA's this year. Apparently many of them had draftable grades on their board, some as high as the 4th round if the rumours are to be believed.
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