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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Indianapolis, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, Cincinnati and soon Las Vegas, all with NFL stadiums in downtown with very limited car parking. I just don’t understand this demand or need that the London games must have tailgating. Lunch at Nando’s or Wagamama’s, a few drinks in the pub before the game and taking my seats just as the anthems are starting keeps me happy.
Yes and I can say from experience that there is no nothing particularly special about tailgating in Pittsburgh either. Again, downtown. And with a river along one side. Though you do get the odd boatgater, which is fun to walk past. The tailgate in London is rubbish. And it's nothing like what it is supposed to be trying to replicate anyway. If you want to replicate the American experience, stop all public transport to the stadium and make people drive and leave at half time so they can avoid what will otherwise be a 3-4 hour wait to get out of the stadium parking lot.

When you go to games in the US it is incredible to me how many people leave so early, when tickets are so expensive, but I think traffic is why. Though Americans don't seem to get that it's not like that here either: when I had my season tickets a few years back I had 2 sets of American fans sat directly in front of me, who'd travelled over for the game yet left at half time. Colts and Saints (and the Saints game was 3-0 at the break!).
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