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Originally Posted by kw13 View Post
Is it on BT? I cancelled the player after they cut out the final minute of OT of the Wisconsin March Madness game.
Not until much later in the tournament probably I was just going to watch a stream because the Ducks are on Pac-12 network I think.
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I just wanted to say how great this thread is.
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Originally Posted by FallenFlyer View Post
I just wanted to say how great this thread is.
I'm not much of a writer, I'm sure I could do better in that respect, but hopefully I'm doing a good job of presenting info which people may not have known before .

Day 3.24: Houston Cougars

Location: Houston, Texas

Cougars: The name comes from one of their early physical education instructors and former HC of Washington State John R. Bender, he'd grown fond of the nickname of WSU and decided to import it into Houston.

Introduction: Started play in 1946, within 3 years they were in Division I as an Independent. They joined the Missouri Valley Conference in 1951, and after several years of trying to join both the Southwest Conference and the Southeastern Conference they decided to once again become Independent in 1960. In 1978 after attempting to join for most of their history they were finally admitted to the Southwest Conference. With the death of the SWC in 1995 Houston found themselves on the outside, they were able to find refuge in CUSA, but would leave to help form the AAC in 2013.

Biggest achievement: 1952, 4 seasons into their time in Division I and in their second season of MVC play they went 8-2 winning their first conference championship and finding themselves ranked (#19) for the first time, they would record wins over SWC foes for the first time (Arkansas and Baylor), but ultimately end up unranked.

The Bill Yeoman era, in 1962 they would hire future HoF HC Bill Yeoman, the then 35 year old would stay as their coach for 25 seasons, guiding them to a 160–108–8 record, after a rocky first few seasons which would see them go 15-23-2 they would put together an impressive 15 seasons which would see them go 117-47-4. It would see them rise to #2 in the country, see them finished ranked 9 times, see them go 5-2-1 in bowl games, including a 2-1 record in the Cotton Bowl (victories over Maryland and Nebraska, and a defeat to Notre Dame) from 1976 to 1979 they would finish in the top 10 three times (#4, #5 and #10) and win three of their 4 SWC championships. The Yeoman era would end in disappointment, going 21-34-1 over 4 seasons, with a final season of 1-10.

1990, a season which would see them go 10-1, with their only loss coming to SWC champions Texas, they would climb to #3 in the country, but as a result of the Texas loss end up ranked #10.

After a long period of failure, 36-86-1 over 11 seasons they would begin to make a series of quality hires, starting with future Baylor HC Art Briles, followed by future Texas A&M HC Kevin Sumlin and eventually future Texas HC Tom Herman. They would once again find themselves ranked, #18 in 2011, #8 in 2015 as AAC champions, 2015 would see them defeat a Florida State team which narrowly missed out on an ACC title and two years removed from a NC.

Biggest failure: 1991-2004 which would see them not only put up a disappointing record of 50-107-1 but more importantly fall out of one of the nation's top conferences for the non-AQ CUSA.

Rivals: Rice "Bayou Bucket Classic", the two schools are located within 5 miles of each other. First meeting came in 1971, they meet every year up until 1995, with the rivalry resuming in 1999, the last meeting came in 2013, however the two do have a home and home set up for 2017/2018. Houston leads 29-11.

Mascot: Shasta, both a live and costumed version. In 2012 after a 23 year hiatus a live mascot was adopted, and is kept in Houston zoo. In an incident in 2007 the costumed version of the mascot was attacked in a douche move by the Oregon Duck.

Head coach: Major Applewhite. Former Texas QB, started coaching as a GA at Texas, worked his way up to co-OC at Texas, but Charlie Strong decided not to retain him. He became OC at Houston in 2014, and with the departure of Tom Herman was promoted to the roll of HC, his first game will be @ UTSA, with his first home game coming against rivals Rice.

Notable current players: Ed Oliver, 5* recruit, AAC rookie of the year, All AAC.

Notable former players: Tyus Bowser, 2017 2nd round selection. Howard Wilson, 2017 4th round selection. Brandon Wilson, 2017 6th round selection.

Rich Stotter, OL, 1967 All American

Bill Bridges. OL, 1969 All American

Elmo Wright, E, 1970 All American

Wilson Whitley, DT, 1976 All American, 1976 Lombardi Award winner, college football HoF.

Leonard Mitchell, DL, 1980 All American

Jason Phillips, WR, 1988 All American, 1980s All SWC.

Andre Ware, QB, 1989 Heisman trophy winner, 1989 Davey O'Brien award winner, 1989 All American, college football HoF.

Case Keenum, 2 time CUSA MVP, most passing yards in a NCAA career.

Riley Odoms, TE, 2 time first team All Pro, #5 overall selection of the 1972 NFL draft.

Stadium: John O'Quinn Field at TDECU Stadium, opened 2014, 40,000 capacity.

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Had high hopes for Andre Ware all those years ago. Fair to say he didn't have the stellar NFL career I thought he would...
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Just found this thread, what a great read, been really enjoying learning about the teams, especially the Florida ones.
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Day 3.25: Memphis Tigers

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Tigers: Were originally known as simply "Blue and Gray Warriors" (colours chosen due to one being the colours of the Confederate, and the other the colours of the union). During a parade some students shouted "We fight like Tigers!" and the name stuck.

Introduction: Started play in 1912, joined Division I as Independents in 1960, they played 5 seasons (1968-1972) as members of the Missouri Valley Conference, before becoming independent again. They joined CUSA in 1996, and the AAC as founding members in 2013.

Biggest achievement: 1971, they would go 5-6, but with a 2-1 conference record they would be crowned MWC champions and as a result receive their first bowl bid, a Pasadena Bowl win vs San Jose State.

2014, under the QBship of future first round pick Paxton Lynch they went 10-3, claiming a share of the AAC title, claiming a bowl win over BYU and they would finish ranked (#25) for the first and only time in their history.

Biggest failure: 2008-2013, a period of 7 consecutive losing seasons and a 18-55 overall record.

Rivals: Memphis' only currently active rivalry is with Ole Miss, the two first meet in 1921 (an Ole Miss 92-0 win), they have meet 63 times in total, with Ole Miss leading 49-11-2, Ole Miss have won 7 of the last 8 meetings (Memphis taking the 2015 meeting), the two have one future meeting currently scheduled for 2019.

Mascot: TOM (tiger of Memphis), one of two live tiger mascots in the FBS (LSU being the other).

Head coach: Mike Norvell, former Central Arkansas (FCS) WR. Started coaching as a GA at UCAhe became OC at Arizona State in 2012, and became HC of Memphis in 2016 becoming 2016's youngest HC in the process (one year younger than PJ Fleck). In his one season he guided them to a 8-5 record, losing the bowl game.

Notable current players: Tony Pollard, WR, 2016 All AAC (as a kick returner).

Genard Avery, LB, 2016 All AAC.

Spencer Smith, P, 2016 All AAC.

Notable former players: Jake Elliott, K, 2016 All AAC, 2017 5th round draft pick.

Joe Allison, K, 1992 All American

Tom Hornsey, P, 2013 All American

Stephen Gostkowski, K, 2 time All Pro.

Dontari Poe, DT, 2012 first round selection.

Paxton Lynch, QB, 2016 first round selection.

Isaac Bruce, WR, 4th all time NFL receiving yards, number retired by both Memphis and the LA Rams (I suppose at least he did play for them this time, those 272 receiving yards were vital to their 4-12 season ).

Stadium: Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, opened 1965, 59,000 capacity.

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Day 3.26: Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Golden Hurricane: The team was originally the Yellow Jackets, but they wanted a more unique name, they came up with Golden Tornados, but found out that Georgia Tech had already used the name, so instead went for Golden Hurricane, which whilst less geographically accurate (Tulsa is a high risk area for tornados, but low risk for hurricanes) was unique to them.

Introduction: Started play in 1895, joined Division I as Independents in 1917, where they played one season, they would return in 1933, again as an Independent before joining the Missouri Valley Conference two seasons later. At the end of the 1985 the MVC would stop sponsoring football, and Tulsa would once again become independent. In 1996 they would join the WAC, leaving for CUSA in 2005 and finally settling on their current conference AAC in 2014.

Biggest achievement: The 1940s and early 1950s. During the 10 years 1942-1952 they would go 77-32-5, with 6 seasons of .800 or better. In 1942 they would go 10-1, with only a Sugar Bowl loss to Tennessee against their name, it would be good enough for their first and highest ranked finish in school history (#4). They would return to the Sugar Bowl the next season (another loss this time to Georgia Tech). In 1944 they would go to their 3rd straight major bowl (this time the Orange) and finally win one (again vs Georgia Tech).

All in all during the 11 year period they would go to 5 bowls (with a 1-4 record), finish ranked 6 times and win the MWC 6 times.

Biggest failure: 1992-2002, 11 consecutive losing seasons for a 34-88-1 record including back to back (2001-2002) 1 win seasons.

Rivals: Oklahoma State, with the schools located just over 70 miles apart, they were MVC foes from 1935-1956, playing each other every year. Since the breakup of the MVC meetings have been far less frequent, but they have still played 33 times. They have a total of 72 meetings, OSU leads 40–27–5. They are set to meet again in week 1 of 2017.

Head coach: Philip Montgomery. A former Tarleton State (Division II) QB and FS. He started coaching as an SA at Tarleton State. He got his first HC job at Tulsa in 2015, taking over a team which had gone 5-19 in their previous two seasons. In two years in charge he has taken them to a 16-10 record, and their first 10 win season and first bowl win since 2012.

Notable current players: Blake Belcher, OL, 2016 All AAC.

Chad Miller, OL, 2016 All AAC.

Notable former players: Howard Twilley, E, 1965 All American, college football HoF.

Jerry Ostroski, OL, 1991 All American, 102 NFL starts.

Drew Pearson, WR, 3 time All Pro, NFL 1970s All Decade.

Charles Clay, TE, drafted 2011, last Tulsa play taken in the NFL draft.

Stadium: Skelly Field at H. A. Chapman Stadium, opened 1930, 30,000 capacity.

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Day 3.27: South Florida Bulls

Location: Tampa, Florida

Why South Florida: When USF was founded there were already three public universities in Florida, FSU and Florida A&M, both in Tallahassee, and Florida in Gainesville (Miami being a private university). Despite being located in central Florida South Florida was the southern most of the 4.

Introduction: Started play in 1997. Became an NCAA Division I Independent in 2000, joined CUSA in 2003, and the Big East two years later. They were one of the remnants of the Big East which went on to form the AAC.

Biggest achievement: 2007, they started off the season with 6 wins, including wins over (PS #15) Auburn and (PS #6) West Virginia to reach a school high #2, they would however lose the next 3 games and finish the season unranked.

2016, their first double digit win season (11-2) with their only losses coming at the hands of (PS #8) Florida State and American East champions Temple. With a win over South Carolina in their bowl game they would finish #19, their only ranked season in their history.

Biggest failure: 2011-2014, four consecutive losing seasons, for a 14-34 record, however the second two seasons were the first two years of Willie Taggart, who would later lead them to their best season.

Rivals: USF's most played opponents are UCONN and Cincinnati, both of whom are current members of the AAC, they are 9-5 against UCONN and 6-8 vs Cincinnati. In more recent years a rivalry has developed with UCF with both now members of the AAC and located less than 100 miles apart. They first played in 2006 and have played 8 times in total, with USF leading 6-2. USF has a win over every Florida school apart from the Gators.

Mascot: Rocky the Bull, a anthropomorphised Brahman bull (USF's original nickname before dropping the Brahman part of the name). Unfortunately nothing to do with Dwayne Johnson, who also shared the nickname Rocky and the similar Brahma Bull.

Head coach: Charlie Strong. Played as a DB at Central Arkansas (FCS). Started coaching as a GA at Florida, he coached one game as interim HC at Florida in 2004, stepping in for the fired Ron Zook. He was the Co-DC for the 2006 Florida NC team and DC for the 2008 Florida NC team. He got his first HC job at Louisville in 2010, where his work with future first round QB Teddy Bridgewater would see him move onto Texas. After three season with Texas, which saw him guide them to a 16-21 record and three losing seasons he was fired. He was hired in December 2016 to replace the departing Willie Taggart who left to become HC at Oregon.

Notable current players: Quinton Flowers, QB, 2016 All AAC, 2016 AAC MVP.

Notable former players: Marlon Mack, RB, three time first team All AAC, 4th round selection in 2017.

Rodney Adams, WR, 5th round selection in 2017.

Kofi Amichia, OT, 2016 All AAC, 6th round selection in 2017.

George Selvie, DE, 2007 All American.

Jason Pierre-Paul, first team All Pro, one of two USF players selected in the first round.

Stadium: Raymond James Stadium, opened 1998, 66,000 capacity.

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Just read through the entire thread, great read, is it still going though?
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Originally Posted by Ravens55 View Post
Just read through the entire thread, great read, is it still going though?
Yeah should be back tomorrow, just mad at work atm, I'm determined to do every team by the end of the off-season.
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