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Old 26.12.2016, 10:30 PM
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Default Off Season, Draft & The Future

So after a long season comes to a close, what do we all think the changes will be in the next 8 or so months?

Will Bowles go?
Talk of Revis going?
And how about at QB, fitz going, Romo in was a rumour I heard.

The draft, Coach, Roster?

A lot to think about and surely change needed.
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Old 27.12.2016, 07:18 PM
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I think there will be a huge amount of player turnover. Good chance Sheldon Richardson goes, and Revis will have to take a significant pay cut to have any shot at staying.

Fitz and Geno will be moved on, and I expect Hackenberg will compete for the starting job with whichever veteran QB we sign in FA.

There needs to be a big focus on the OL, as that unit is a complete mess. I was desperate for us to draft Cody Whitehair, and he would have been just the type of player to build the line around. We need at least a couple of new starters there imo.

We have good players in the skill positions, but Forte and Marshall are the wrong side of 30 and Decker is coming off a couple of serious injuries (and is also approaching his 30's).

Robby Anderson has been one of very few bright spots this year, and I'm still hoping Devin Smith can break through. Bilal Powell needs to be retained, and it wouldn't surprise me if we take Leonard Fournette if he's still there when we pick in the first round of the draft.

We still need to find a consistent edge rusher, as that has been am issue for years now. I'm really not sure about Bowles. Was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt after an encouraging first year, but I'm worried he's lost the team.

We definitely need to make a change at DC, where Kacy Rodgers has been a complete disaster. The players certainly aren't blameless, but Rodgers should have got much more from the talent he had st his disposal.

There's nothing worse than facing up to the prospect of a complete rebuild, but that's our reality now. I just hope we can come through it as quickly as the Raiders did, and we can build from a firm foundation instead of going through this every few years, as has been the case for a long time now...
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Old 28.12.2016, 03:13 PM
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I'm not sure how may teams could be competitive losing 4 of their starting OL and a pro-bowl level receiver to IR, but none of this excuses the way the team has played down the stretch. Bowles looks lost and certain units have clearly underperformed so there needs to be turnover in the position coaches at the very least. Most important for me is to change the overall reporting structure so that Mike Mac has complete control with authority to change the HC if he deems it necessary and hire a new one. To me it looks necessary, but I only see what happens on a Sunday so I can only surmise what goes on at Florham Park.

Moving forward, a number of the vets are clearly going. Again, I can't do more than guess who is replaceable and who isn't. Mangold looks an obvious cut, but if we have raw QB under centre his ability to help recognise the defensive look might be invaluable. Just how banged up is Revis? Decline was expected but I never thought I'd have to question his effort like I have this year. Lots of similar issues to clear up before we move forward and I don't have full access to make those calls really. I'd want no part of Romo, I don't think he'd make it more than a few games, but Glennon might be a good shout to compete for the QB job.

In terms of draft, I don't think there's a QB or edge rusher that will be available where we pick, if there is, its a no-brainer. Fournette is a possibility but I don't think he's another Zeke or AP and there is a fair depth at the position so we can get a starter in the middle rounds I think. The OL options seem very underwhelming at the top end of the draft so we're probably looking at an interior line project again. For what its worth I think Shell has done well at RT so he may well get the nod there for next year. Its not sexy but I'm thinking we'll be looking corner, linebacker in the first and possibly second with RB in the third.
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Old 31.12.2016, 10:31 PM
tstb-94 tstb-94 is offline
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Thanks for the responses. Even tough I've been watching the NFL for about a year and a half it's still new to me things like the draft, trading ect so it's good to hear from the more experienced fans and their views!
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Old 12.01.2017, 01:54 PM
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On top of what others have said I think the OL will be interesting to watch:

Mangold is a potential cap casualty and his recent injury troubles and declining play means he will have to take a pay drop or likely be cut imo leaving a hole at C

Carpenter at LG I think remains a lock for next season and is steady without being spectacular

Winters at RG - came on during the season and I can't see not earmarked to start next season but wouldn't be suprised if we draft G in the later rounds as depth

LT - Clady - up and down season and abit like Richardson leaves Mac with a big call this summer whether to retain him or release given he was in effect on a 1 year deal. Personally if we have the cap space I would love us to make a run at someone either via trade or FA although a quick look shows there aren't (suprise) many top tier Tackles available so maybe Clady stays put

RT - Been a revoling door with Giacomini, Iljana, Dozier and towards the end Shell having a run. I would cut Giacomini has is dead cap space drops alot this summer, release Ilajana as UFA and have Shell and a draft/FA to battle it out in camp for the start

So in summary I think we have starting spots at C, RT and possibly LT & RG up for grabs this summer not great when we don't have any recognised QB either
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