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Old 30.01.2010, 04:04 PM
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He had at least one more good year in him lads..but any way good luck to him. HOF
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Old 30.01.2010, 04:23 PM
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Yes, I'm sure the HoF debate will now start in earnest, but, to my mind, he's an absolute stone-cold lock. It shouldn't even be a question. If he doesn't get in, you'd have to disqualify half the QBs of the last 20 years!
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Old 10.02.2010, 03:11 PM
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From our point of view it’s great news but then I think he had maybe 1 more season left, I also think he will be back like Favre. I just think he will.
To lose such a great QB is not good but to lose one that is totally as one with his offence is a disaster. As a SF fan said earlier we experienced that. Young came through under Montana so really did know his offence before he even became No 1 , to have two Hall of fame QB back to back is rare. In fact many would put the two of them in the top 5 of all time QB’s.
You just can’t replace one. The ground game can be brilliant and the D brilliant but with an average QB forget it.
If I where a cards fan your first pick has to be a QB the rest of the O are already in place unless a Great comes back again because they would love to come in and play for the cards
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Old 10.02.2010, 09:50 PM
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Hi ,

Normally I try to disagree with 9ers fans as much as possible, the good news is you've made this very easy for me.

Firstly, who is to say we need a qb as our first choice? Infact I think it would be a backward step. We have 2 good hbs in Wells and Hightower and if we run it takes pressure off a new qb to throw most downs....which by the way is Leinart, no hall of famer maybe, but he's better than the run of qb's the 9ers have had up until Smith.

So our choice is either offensive line or possibly filling the gaps on defense as this is an area we have lost personnel and already needed additions. Not many rookie qb's can come in and fill the boots of Warner, it just wont happen, but one who has worked under him, has learnt and waited for his chance (think Rodgers at Green Bay) can step up and lead, this could be Leinart's moment. We maybe need a better back up but I think we may find a few free agents are up to that rather than relying on the draft.

You say a good defense and running game can't bring success but I don't see any evidence of that. The Ravens are a great example of this, the Jets this season showed the importance of a strong defense. The last few Superbowls may have been between the big offensive teams and as a 9er your success too has always been by playing really offensive football. Not sure it is quite a general rule though as you say.

I think next year will be a rebuilding year in Arizona, there's no doubt, but I think we still have a shot based on the fact that no one else in the division will win enough games to make it a one horse race. Seattle, 9ers and ourselves do have a chance of post season football but in reality surely you'd agree none of the West will be winning XLV.

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Old 11.02.2010, 12:37 AM
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not sure I can see Kurt coming back. I agree he likely has the year in him, but he seemed very happy with his decision and generally everyone seems happy for him to walk out on his own volition

Also agree the run game will become focus, with a good cast or receivers to give Leinart realistic targets to try and help him through some mistakes
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