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Old 30.03.2017, 01:19 PM
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Here's an updated list of UK outlets fom the one a couple of pages back in the thread....
There are plenty of legit UK websites you can check out which have a range of the proper Nike-printed imported NFL "game" jersies.... (as well as other NFL gear). Some of them also offer merch for the other major-league US sports :-

- Football America,
- Nike GB official site,
- Touchdown Sports,
- USA Sports, (They also run short-term "pop-up" stores in major shopping centres around the country from time to time - details are usually posted in their Facebook group).
- Second City, (mainly older stuff)
- UK American Sports Store, (They order from Fanatics in the US for you - but are currently CLOSED - again)

**NOTE** that the "Game" jersies sold by the official NFL UK/Europe shop (run by Fanatics UK) and the recently launched "Fanatics International" site are currently **ALL** "printed to order" (whether listed as stock or not) using a polyurethane transfer process instead of the "silicon printing" process used by Nike. Most people consider these polyurethane prints to be markedly inferior to the imported Nike-printed ones available from the outlets above. The "NFL Europe Shop" has very similar (almost the same) ranges as the NFL section of the main "Fanatics International" site, mimicking the long-standing model used by Fanatics in the US.

All of the other merch on the official NFL UK/Europe shop and Fanatics International sites and (including Nike "Limited" jersies) is fine - they're the original manufacturer items.

In addition to the above, the following UK sites offer legit NFL clothing (no Jersies though)
- US Locker Room
- Stateside Sports,
- Sport Stock UK,
- EP Sports,
- Mitchell & Ness UK/Europe,
- Sainsburys,
- Levi's,
- New Era, (headwear. t-shirts)
- Capkandi, (headwear)
- Shopstyle Portal, (links to a number of mainstream UK clothing outlets that occasionally have NFL items - but the tagging for the search is pretty bad, try alternatives such as team, city or clothing brand to locate many additional items).

RedZone UK, has a range of general American Football themed clothing and other merch (no licensed NFL team items though).

Football America (just N of Leicester), US Locker Room (Middlesbrough), New Era (Carnaby St and quite a few other London/UK locations) and USA Sports (Newcastle) have actual "bricks and mortar" premises you can visit as well.

Also there are legit bargains to be had on eBay - but a HUGE number of fake jersies / hats as well..

If you're happy to order direct from the US, you won't go far wrong with Fanatics (who also run the official US shop, Fansedge, and many of the (real) official team webstores). All of the US-based "Fanatics" sites (,,,, Team webstores) now add the UK VAT @ checkout, so there is NOTHING extra to pay on delivery). Shipping cost can still be a killer though...... and the exchange rate isn't great at the moment - but they always have some sort of sale or discount promotion on.......- and you get a small additional rolling discount (plus occasional bonuses) when you sign up for their loyalty scheme.

Fanatics bought out Kitbag (the previous operators of the NFL UK/Europe shop) early in 2016, and now run it from their UK office in Manchester. The range in the UK shop is starting to expand somewhat, but there's a way to go yet.......

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Old 01.10.2017, 02:55 PM
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Is this a legit shop? if not where can I buy College Jerseys and Hoodies from - specifically Gators?
Old 02.10.2017, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by wakeytom View Post
Is this a legit shop? if not where can I buy College Jerseys and Hoodies from - specifically Gators?
Them again..... Keep coming back with something slightly different each time....
All you need to know is on the "Fake Shop" thread and starts here -
Old 17.10.2017, 09:21 PM
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I've been in contact with the guy that runs uk American sports store..the website is closed at the moment..but he is trying to take orders on request. Ive placed an order from him.

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