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Old 22.03.2019, 12:55 PM
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With the 18th pick of the 2019 NFLUK Mock draft, the Denver Broncos select...

Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Having debated internally (and then passed) at 10, I feel the value I have gained with the trades mean I am now willing to push the button on plan B and try get Broncos future QB (I did get them Mayfield last year but they ignored me ).
I think he is a great fit in Denver given the type of QB have gone for in Flacco (and big Joe should be successful enough in 2019 to allow Haskins a year to sit and learn from an experienced QB).
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Old 22.03.2019, 04:19 PM
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With the 19th pick of the 2019 NFLUK Mock Draft, the Tennessee Titans select...

Chris Lindstrom, OG, Boston College

Help is needed on the O line and Lindstrom fits the bill perfectly. The best out-and-out guard in the draft and a key part of Boston College's strong running attack; exactly what the Titans are looking for.

Welcome, young man, to the Tennessee Titans -- "Tennesseein' is Tennebelievin'!"
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Old 22.03.2019, 06:31 PM
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With the 20th pick of the 2019 NFLUK Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers (via E-mail) select:

Noah Fant, Tight End, Iowa
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Old 22.03.2019, 07:58 PM
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With the 21st pick of the 2019 NFLUK Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select:

Cody Ford, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

Big strong mauler from the Sooners with underrated foot speed and clever technique to use his size to keep rushers away from his QB in the passing game. If he can have the same transition to the NFL as Orlando Brown did last year, we'll be very happy.
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Old 22.03.2019, 09:04 PM
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With the 22nd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select:

Jeffery Simmons - Defensive Line - Mississippi State

So I’ve thought about this one long and hard as I suspected it would come down to a choice between him and one other player, and so going to post a reasonably long explanation because I think it deserves one, sorry for the essay. Firstly, I wouldn’t have let him enrol at Mississippi State if it had been me, I think what he did (despite the extenuating circumstances which certainly don’t excuse the act) warrants the kid having to deal with severe consequences to his actions. Having to not go to his number one choice university and likely go to JUCO and come up the hard way would have been way more impactful than the slap on the wrist he got from the law. Having said that, he has clearly taken the second chance he’s been given, I’ve read, listened and watched everything I can find that’s publicly available about him and he has consistently taken responsibility and accountability for his actions and worked hard to be a pillar of the community in Starkville. At this point I don’t see the need to punish him now. The ACL tear is another concern but it’s not the career killer it once was and I’m comfortable with the redshirt year because he can join our 2020 team in earnest with the Ravens taking a more long term approach than we have in the past.

Coming to Jeffery Simmons the football player - I absolutely love him, he is a disruptive interior force with violent and lightning fast hands to quickly release inside, not to mention his constant party in the backfield when playing the run. You’d like to see more finish, but he made everyone else on that defense look good, I saw Bama triple team him with the entire interior of their offensive line at times. He can play our five technique and make it easier for our young and emerging pass rushers on the outside as well as having the benefit of only having to play one gap next to Michael Pierce.
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Old 22.03.2019, 09:29 PM
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With the 23rd pick of the 2019 NFLUK mock draft, the Houston Texans select...

Dalton Risner, OT, Kansas State

Sixty-two sacks. Sixty-effing-two! Do the Texans have some weird obsession with getting their signal caller killed? Pencilled in to start at RT, but versatile to play most spots on the line to a level that has to be better than what they have at the moment. Surely?

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Old 23.03.2019, 01:38 AM
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With the 24th pick in the 2019 NFLUK Mock Draft, the Washington Redskins select:

Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State.


Tall, long limbed athlete.
Uses his length well to contest and disrupt at the catch point.
Solid combine numbers.
Limited experience at the position means potential room for improvement.
Experience as a WR should serve him well (route concepts/ball skills).


Thin frame.
Lacking in press coverage.
Allows separation on some routes, especially to the inside.
Average 'click and close' ability.
Limited experience at the position (former WR).


Layne is certainly not the finished product, his technique and feel for the position are two areas that will require improvement at the next level. He appears more suited to off man or zone coverage currently, he just doesn't have the strength or technique to consistently disrupt NFL receivers at the line of scrimmage. He's willing enough as a tackler, although I wouldn't go as far as calling it a strength. The appeal of Layne is two fold; his length and the ability to disrupt the catch, combined with the potential upside of added experience and NFL coaching.

The vision:

Playing the long game. Layne needs to time to develop and learn behind the likes of Josh Norman. Ideally he'd get his share of snaps in pre season and then take a back seat to the starters in 2019. He could potentially do a job on the outside if called upon, especially in the Redskins scheme, but you have to be willing to accept the learning curve. Maybe this pick will be seen as a 'reach' if 2019 is about development, but this pick is about 2020 and beyond.

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Old 23.03.2019, 09:37 AM
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With the 25th pick of the NFLUK Draft the Seattle Seahawks pick

Jachai Polite - DE - Florida

With the uncertainty surrounding Frank Clark, need to start thinking for the future by taking the next best DE on the board.
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Old 23.03.2019, 02:02 PM
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With the 26th pick of the draft the Indianapolis Colts select...

Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

Not the biggest need but BPA. The Colts played a lot of basic Cover 2 and Cover 3 last season, some could say partly due to lacking ideal personnel to play more man coverage. Williams gives them an ideal tool to utilise in press man coverage whilst also being able to play zone. Not without his flaws he'll need to improve his tackling and run support, but some amazing corners have got away with minimal effort there before.
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Old 23.03.2019, 03:59 PM
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With the 27th pick of the draft the NY Giants select...

Drew Lock, QB, Mizzou

it was time to take the QB of the future and get that juicy 5th year option for the right price.

i had him penciled in since we didnt take a QB last year in this sort of spot.

he has the tools to be the perfect modern QB, the arm to make all the throws and legs to run went needed.

but theres also a reason why i didnt take him higher, he has inconsistency issues and needs to put the work in to progress to the next level, a year under Eli and then a year to avoid being replaced
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