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Old 28.10.2013, 07:17 PM
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Default Just a Thought

I don't think or want a trade for a WR, but in a scenario where a trade takes place (looks like we are trying), how does this logical (yet extremely unlogical) scenario sit with you guys:

It really sounds like we are going hard after a WR, and we have a couple of guys unlikely to be back next year (Jacoby and Oher imo), so who should we potentially trade? Yep, Oher...

Now then, why would we trade Oher when our O-line is such a mess, well that's excactly why. Something needs to change, we've apparently tried scheme changes with slight success so lets see what happens with some more personnel changes.

Osemele was originally drafted as a T so we could put him in at RT (I'm sure he played fairly well there last year), Monroe would stay at LT and obvs Yanda isn't moving anywhere. Now the last parts where it gets tricky, we potentially could move Gino to Guard, and put Shipley at C (presumably he'd have good knowledge of the system by now), alternatively, Jah Reid in at Guard?

There's also a fairly large market for tackles so Oher would have a lot of value, could potentially get us a straight swap for a decent WR (Nicks, Gordon).

I know all this is probs unrealistic and a trade involving Jacoby is probs more likey, one thing I will say, swapping a pick for a WR makes no sense to me...

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Old 29.10.2013, 09:12 AM
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From what I've seen of Oher this season he hasn't been the problem. Personally I think he's a good RT. Also from what I've read this camp we switched to a zone blocking scheme (which I don't think suits) add that to the loss of Birk and this was always going to be an area of concern. O-lines need time to gel. As horrible as they've looked I'd give this unit a little more time, they're young enough & Hopefully the bye week has helped.

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Old 29.10.2013, 03:11 PM
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I wouldn't be in favour of trading Michael Oher for three reasons:

A - I think he's a good tackle
B - Osemele was poor at RT last year and only improved when moved to guard
C - The thought of Gradkowski and Shipley both playing at the same time brings me out in a cold sweat

I don't mind trading a draft pick for a WR if the receiver in question is of the right quality. For example I would not hesitate to hand the Browns a 2nd round pick for Josh Gordon.

What I absolutely don't want to see is us trying to play it cheap and going for someone like Kenny Britt. He's junk and would do little to solve the problems we have.
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