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Old 21.11.2013, 02:40 PM
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Default Dennis Pitta

So excited that he is back. Not going to solve a lot of problems but might just be enough to get us to the a winning record.

I just hope that his return hasn't been rushed and he has fully recovered from the freak injury from training camp.
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Old 21.11.2013, 06:35 PM
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Man that is some well needed good news
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Old 21.11.2013, 07:13 PM
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Would be great if he was ready to go for next Thursday. Ravens keeping cards close to their chest as usual.
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Old 22.11.2013, 08:14 AM
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Great to see him back practicing, doubt we'll see him in a game until at least Vikings game though...
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Old 22.11.2013, 09:25 AM
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This guy fractured his pelvis. Let that sink in for a while!

I don't see any need that is great enough to force Pitta back. I understand these guys heal quicker than your average Joe but this isn't some hammy injury it's a fractured Pelvis for christ sake!

I'd Rather see Pitta next year after a full recovery than force him back into what is a dead season.
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