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Old 12.10.2011, 10:49 AM
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Yeah I was thinking about it again last night whilst talking to a friend of mine. Am I right in assuming that if the Bengals made a TRADE the trading team would be obliged to pick up his existing contract?

If thats the case I cannot see why the Bengals would cut him and make him available (there would be no value to it), I'm guessing they aren't paying him right now as he has failed to report and no team in their right minds would pick up Carson's contract and pay him that amount of money.

I'm thinking that Carson should pay for a subscription for Direct TV during his remaining contract cos he's going nowhere.
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Old 13.10.2011, 02:40 PM
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Carson must feel like a right prat sitting at home. He could have been leading an exciting bunch of receivers who would run the routes as intended.

He also could have been backed up by our No 1 defense giving him excellent field postion 4 or 5 times a game.

It is the scenario that he always dreamed of having in Cincy but he walked away from it.

I am not going to be petty and say Palmer wouldn't have the team sitting at 3-2. In fact, with his experience and the way they finished last season, he may have had them at 4-1 or better.

I just think he is a fool for walking away from the game like he did as this time may have sparked a renaissance from Palmer but I have no sympathy for him and I hope he rots in retirement.
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