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Old 05.02.2019, 06:47 PM
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Default nfluk Playoffs Competition - Final Leaderboard

maguiremick had an 11 pts lead going into Super Bowl Week and with most people going for a Patriots win it was going to come down to how close the scores were between thw top few. With the Patriots 13-3 Rams being the lowest ever Super Bowl and everyone going for 20+ scores then it was either 20 pts for the Patriots win or 0 pts for those predicting a Rams win.

That meant with maguiremick going for the Patriots win he was pretty much uncatchable.

So congratulations to maguiremick for winning this year's competition.

Super Bowl Week Resuls
1= maguiremick 20 pts
1= DarwinTheAardvark 20 pts
1= Lonestar1963 20 pts
1= Manic Patriot 20 pts
1= addyF87 20 pts
1= Jegpeg2 20 pts
1= ssuhaide 20 pts
1= Luton_Niner 20 pts
1= djhdjh 20 pts
1= iffies 20 pts
1= mikeygnfl 20 pts
12= BradshawSteeler 0 pts
12= RichardCuncliffe 0 pts
12= Martz 0 pts
12= goodkarma84 0 pts

Final Leaderboard
1 maguiremick 255 pts
2 DarwinTheAardvark 244 pts
3 Lonestar1963 231 pts
4 Manic Patriot 229 pts
5 addyF87 220 pts
6 Jegpeg2 217 pts
7 BradshawSteeler 211 pts
8 ssuhaide 203 pts
9 RichardCuncliffe 202 pts
10 Luton_Niner 201 pts
11 payton3434 196 pts
12 Martz 192 pts
13 goodkarma84 189 pts
14= djhdjh 188 pts
14= iffies 188 pts
16 mikeygnfl 184 pts
17 2 Rivers Titan 11 pts
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Old 05.02.2019, 07:06 PM
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Cheers for running this again! So near, and yet so far...

Last edited by wayne ellis; 05.02.2019 at 08:08 PM.
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Old 05.02.2019, 07:18 PM
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cheers for running it and congrats Mick.
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Old 05.02.2019, 07:48 PM
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4th place - well pleased with that!

Thanks for organising Mick!
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Old 06.02.2019, 09:43 AM
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thanks for organising it Mikey

a hollow victory given that I had to sell my soul to win it
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Old 06.02.2019, 10:35 AM
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Had no faith whatsoever in a Rams win, but that was the only way of catching Mick (congratulations btw Mick!)

Thanks for running the game again too Mikey.
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