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Old 21.08.2010, 08:19 AM
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Default After watching the Indy game

The three back set with Spiller, Bell and Simpson that set up Edwards TD pass to Evans was interesting. It leaves me with a nice warm fuzzy feeling that at some time in the season we will see Spiller, Jackson and Lynch on the field at the same time. Teams won't know what to expect from that personnel set, will we have all 3 in the backfield? Will Spiller split out wide? Will Jackson? And even if they don't split out wide can defenses really commit to playing the run completely given the way these guys can catch coming out of the backfield.

And of course if they do bite on the run it could leave Evans wide open for another 70 yard TD.

One thing I'll tell you now, the Bills mightn't have a great year results wise (though I think they'll do OK) but they will be fun to watch, and they will keep getting better. Chan Gailey will make sure of that.
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