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Old 05.11.2012, 03:38 PM
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To be fair with the amount of injuries we have i think we are playing at a good level,ok the jags game was poor but yesterday we didnt really look like ever losing evenwhen Bulaga and Mathews were out.

Rodgers has been without Jennings for most of the year and the last 2 games Nelson,i think Kuhn's absence is just as big,protection wise and on 3rd downs.

On defence its been a case of next man up,players are going down every week and the players that are stepping in are doing a decent job,its a testament to the depth of this team that we can replace people who have gone down at one stage during this season like Woodson,Raji,Bishop,Smith,Perry,Shields,Worthy and Mathews with guys who can be couted on.

The bye week has come at a good time,time to get those guys rehabbed ready for a good tough run in.
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Old 05.11.2012, 06:38 PM
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agreed wozzer...feeling much more confident at the moment...feels a bit like 2010
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