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Old 06.09.2017, 08:39 PM
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Lightbulb New NFL Game Pass Perfection on my TV - Basic Guide

Ok, so there is no denying that the new Game Pass app is rubbish at pushing stuff to your TV (iphone of android). This post is long but if you want to watch Game Pass on your big TV and currently struggle, this post may be for you so bear with it.

Every year I employee various workarounds to ensure I can watch Game Pass at the best quality on my TV and over the last few years this has meant bypassing the official application and using the unofficial Kodi plug-in to stream games and NFL Network shows.

If you haven’t installed Kodi and tried the unofficial Game Pass application on your PC, then you should. It’s good. If you don’t know what Kodi is then look here

Anyway, that’s not why I’m posting this. (Even the application on Kodi is having trouble this year as everything has had to be rewritten to match the change of service providers for NFL Game Pass Europe). The reason I am writing this is because I have worked out how to get the native android application running to perfection on my TV and it isn’t all that difficult if you’re a little tech savvy.

Essentially all that I have done is side-load the NFL Game Pass EU android application on to my Amazon Fire Stick using my android phone and then installed a mouse pointer application (on the Fire Stick) to control the app.

What you’ll need…
An Amazon Fire Stick
An Android phone or tablet

Software (from the Google Play Store)…

NFL Game Pass Europe

App2Fire (original) Free

Mouse Toggle for Fire TV £2.36

First, download the NFL Game Pass EU android application on to your android device

Then use App2Fire (original) to push and install this application from your device to the Fire Stick

Once NFL Game Pass EU is installed on your Fire stick, you can try running it, but it’s not easy to control. This is where “Mouse Toggle for Fire TV” comes in.

Install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV on your android device and follow the instructions (read them carefully)

Once that’s installed on your Fire Stick, you double tap the Play button to get the mouse on the TV screen and you can hold the middle button and a direction to swipe through the NFL Game Pass EU app.

Playback is excellent quality, you can skip forward and backwards using the big blue buttons (essential if they aint going to removed adverts (fools)) and I haven’t had it fail on me once. Basically the android application is pretty good. (It’s just the Chromecasting that’s awful).

Anyway, until the actual Fire Stick application comes out “sometime in the season”, this is an excellent way of watching Game Pass.

Hope it helps someone somewhere to cope with the awful “updated” application which has been released.
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