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Old 08.10.2018, 12:31 AM
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seems the fame stopped him becoming a the fighter he could of become it was a pretty poor showing.

Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
Tbh, all the insults that McGregor brings to these match ups was going to boil over sooner or later. You start attacking a guys country, family, religion, etc in the name of 'show business', especially with someone like Khabib (hailing from the part of the word he does) and it's no surprise really.

Khabib went a step too far getting involved with Dillon Danis, regardless of what he said. In the grand scheme of things that part is getting over blown for me. Khabib's team mates really crossed the line throwing punches at Connor too. That was farcical.

What makes me laugh is all the talk of Khabib's criminal actions, how he wont get a visa now, how he might be suspended, kicked out of the UFC, etc, etc. McGregor threw a dolly truck through a bus window, injured fighters in the process, and was allegedly charged with several crimes including assalut, was arrested, went to court...……….and nothing really came of it. 5 days community service and here we are in October, 6 months later, and he's just fought in one of possibly the biggest UFC fights ever.

Paul Daley comes to mind, he needs removing from the UFC, Daley had much more reason and this seemed pre planned because they won and did it.

dont forget what that incident was about they when after one of his friends and got that reaction on the bus.

tbh not sure how jumping into the crowd and attacking someone isnt a DQ.

no idea on the build up talk wise but people say things to build a fight and people know they dont really mean it.

the fella who took a cheap shot at Connor was a joke too.
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