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Old 13.02.2019, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Yeah I could see this working. Wonder if teams like the Packers or Cowboys would try to get venues like Milwaukee or San Antonio.

Linking to the above post, the NFL is indeed getting involved a bit in the AAF. I wonder if this could be, indirectly, a way of thinning down the rosters come training camp. Getting the AAF to do some of the work for the NFL teams in the spring such that maybe they can start with fewer than 90 players on the roster and it’s easier to trim down to 53 in 2 preseason games.

Personally I’d like to see a rivalry game established for each team (not as neutral site games), like they do in college. In some cases even though the 2 teams are in different conferences, they will still play once a year. Cowboys-Texans, Giants-Jets, Steelers-Eagles, that kind of thing. For some teams it might make more sense just to use an existing divisional rivalry instead. It’s cool in college when you have late season rivalry games. In some cases divisional games like Ohio State-Michigan, in others geographical cross-conference rivalries like Florida State-Florida.
the cowboys would want to play in oklahoma i am led to believe. but yes, principle of more of the 17th games being more local games rather than everyone being transatlantic (or transpacific) would be the reality i expect

rivalry games would be great but would that not affect the integrity of schedules to a point given it is far from a true league?
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Originally Posted by TartanJag View Post
rivalry games would be great but would that not affect the integrity of schedules to a point given it is far from a true league?
Not sure I follow. It would be a 17th game (or 18th game, depending on where we are going with this) not replacing any existing schedule rotation. You wouldn't be playing a divisional team a 3rd time. Just playing - in most cases - a non-conference team that is selected for a reason, rather than just a random matchup. I always thought that was one weakness in the NFL - you only get to play a local team in the other conference every 4 years (Super Bowl aside), making it no different to any other team in the other conference.

I would quite like it if the Steelers could play the Eagles once every season, for example, so a home game every 2 years, rather than currently every 4 years and a home game every 8 years. It's worth pointing out that based on pre-season schedules, a lot of teams appear to think this also. Many teams have arrangements where they play the same teams in pre-season every year, or every other year, rather than just random games. The Jets and Giants certainly play each other every pre-season. The Steelers play the Eagles every other year, and the Panthers every season.
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