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Default Jets/Giants New York Split

Just wondered what the difference was between the two sets of fans and historically between the jets and Giants. I've read that most people either support the jets & mets or Yankees & Giants, why is this ? For example is one fan base based more outside the city? Is one regarded as a team for the working class? Who is supported more by real New Yorkers and which boroughs of New York are more one or the other, what majors differences seperate the jets and Giants as clubs and fans? Thanks guys!

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Jets & Mets came into being at roughly the same time, shared Shea Stadium and both had success in the late 60s so it is kind of natural that the fans of one became fans of the other. Giants and Yankees were the established NY teams, but the other NY baseball teams (Dodgers & Giants) had moved to California in the mid-50s leaving a bit of a gap in the market. I don't think it is deeper than that really. Jets fans, at least originally, tended to be more blue collar as the team was based in Long Island, and the Giants were out in the suburbs. I'm not sure this is relevant anymore though.
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Interesting, that's what I heard jets fans were more working class. Also wondered about the relationship between the basketball, NFL and baseball teams, very interesting subject in my opinion.
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Giants and Yankees shared a stadium for many years, though the deal heavily favoured the Yankees financially and caused the move to the meadowlands.

As I understand it the giants tend to have more support in the outlying suburbs and throughout the state. The move to meadowlands kickstarted a great era for the giants and they picked up a lot of Jersey fans as a result.

The jets do seem to have the more blue collar support with the giants being followed by the suburban crowd. Giants have a large fan base in Connecticut.
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