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Old 29.09.2016, 09:00 AM
Conorbegood13 Conorbegood13 is offline
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Default Gamepass Archive Issues

Hi all,

I have emailed Gamepass Support and no reply yet. Customer service is shocking. Have also tweeted @nflgamepass and again no reply.

My issue is on the Gamepass platform (Apple Tv, Android box, Apple Iphone and Dell Laptop) that the Archives section is never updated.

For example at the moment there are no 'Sound FX' shows up for 2016 and only one show up of 'Undrafted' for 2016.

Its so frustrating to be paying so much money and then you can't even watch the programmes.

I have also asked if Good Morning Football (GMFB) will be placed in Archives going forward as this is a great show and with the time differences we obviously can't watch live this side of the Atlantic.

Is this just me or are people having the same issues?
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Old 29.09.2016, 09:34 AM
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Have similar issues with archives not showing updated, hope you get a response soon. For watching Good Morning Football, you can scroll back on NFL Network up to 48 hours on the blue bar so could watch it that way.
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Old 29.09.2016, 09:45 AM
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Good luck buddy. I've had an issue with renewal since it happened 2 months ago still unresolved. Now I've completely lost my subscription (even though i've paid for the year).

The customer service is another level of bad.
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Old 29.09.2016, 09:54 AM
Conorbegood13 Conorbegood13 is offline
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@Crusader thank you so much. I never realised you could do that!!! God damn it!! Love GMFB!!

@azthespaz customer service leaves a lot to be desire. You would think they would at least get the product right. Will keep at them!
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