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Old 07.09.2009, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Paul31 View Post
Sorry to butt in, but wouldn't it be hilarious if the Vikings cut Tavaris Jackson, you guys pick him up as a backup, Rodgers gets hurt (that part is not supposed to be funny before anyone starts) and then Jackson leads the Packers to the playoffs, while Favre splutters as the Vikings miss out.
Why this scenario is pretty interesting, if only loll
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Old 09.09.2009, 07:54 PM
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Strengths - Rodgers, all the recievers, defensive backs (turnover wise) and i think the d-line can bring some heat this year also linebackers are on fire

Weaknesses - Grant is a good back but not too consistent, special teams, crosby has major power but isnt accurate enough from distance

I think it all looks too good for us though just remember the lions 4-0 in preseason last year. Not to say the packers wont win a game because they have too much quality on offense.

minimum 0f 8 wins
maximum of 11 or 12
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Old 11.09.2009, 07:34 PM
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I think Grant will have a good season. Finley will also have a breakout year at TE. Looking forward to seeing the new 3-4 system.
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